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Are Jack Zduriencik and Eric Wedge steering the Mariners in the right direction?
General manager Jack Zduriencik and manager Eric Wedge are nearing the end of their respective contracts with the Mariners amid questions about the progress of the franchise's rebuilding effort.
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  • New to NW wrote...
    The way it usually works in professional sports
    News flash, Mr. O'Neil- the future is NOW in professional sports. As a general manager or manager, you have a LIMITED amount of time to put a winner together or it's "next batter?" This is why great men who have known a whole lot about the sport have gone down in flames. Why do you think Jack Z. and Wedge should be exceptions? Only in Seattle do we see this happen. How long would this scenario play on in cities who are competitive? Answer- they wouldn't. How much time do you give these guys? They have proven that they can't get it done.
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  • Newton wrote...
    What! Danny!
    Haven't seen enough that say they are going down the wrong road. Are you Kidding me!. How bad does have to get before you see its going down the wrong road. Fans are Puking in thier seats. Oh I guess that's not enough. Look at the Trades Jack Z has made. A child in elementry school can make better trades then Jack. How freaking Bad is this nightmare!. Its bad Danny the Worst and you fail to see it say's alot. Ya now that the puke is everywhere Jack brings in some ringers given to him from other baseball teams that know how bad the Mariners are. Its beyond sick. Every year they say they will do better its going to be a hot team. Lieing to the fans "now" thats Mariners baseball.
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  • Cle Elum Jules wrote...
    Wedge and Jack Z
    We have hired and fired enough GMs and Managers since Lou and Woody were here. It's time to stay the course for at least another three years with these two and see if the seeds the Z has planted bear fruit, BUT!!! Somebody had better step up soon (Smoak, Ackley, Zunino, Franklin, Miller, Taijuan Walker, etc) to justify this faith cuz seven or eight years is plenty of time to build a contender
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  • RGB33 wrote...
    Young players
    We all know that the team is going to be a 4th or 5th place team this year !! Our young players that are being called up are not getting a fair shake from Wedge. Wedge needs to play these young players, Miller, Franklin,Ackley, Zunino, not platooning because a lefty is pitching, our left handed hitters need to learn to hit left handed pitching same goes for the righties. They will not learn a dang thing setting on the bench watching.The are young healthy men and should not need extended days off be cause of pitching match ups. Last nights loss to the Rangers rests clearly on Wedge, not one else. Other than mayabe the 41 year old backup, mentor catcher that looks lost at the plate had a part in it. That grand slam he hit in his first game was pure luck. How many did he leave stranded on base last night ???
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  • Truhawk wrote...
    If the M's were over .500....
    Wedge would a candidate for Manager of the Year! Jesus, people are screaming for his head, and why? Does anyone actually think this team, with the talent and depth they have, with the injuries they have had, should have a better record than they do? Mariner ownership, step up and make a real commitment to field a contender! Fire the owners, president, and GM before you fire Wedge. And all you second guessers, shut up! How easy is it to say, oh he left Felix in for 7 straight hits! Don't give me this "nature of the game to fire the manager" crap. It is not like we are the Detroit Tigers here. Do you actually think a better manager wants to come here? Stats quot moves just to show the fan base you are trying? Upper management can look across town to see what bold moves look like, even when naysayers are crying, like when Pete started Wilson that 3rd preseason game, and so many were calling him crazy. Here is a bold move...release Guti, then offer to bring him back for a reasonable salary as a bench player, for leadership, pinch hitting, and as a defensive replacement...then maybe he can last a whole year without spending more than half on the DL. His salary can be used to sign a player that can contribute on a daily basis next year, maybe even another quality starter. Give his AB's to young players who can benefit from the experience for the rest of this year. Get some more opinions on Holtzen, he has plenty of time to get healthy by "rehabbing". Find out what is wrong. The Pirates sucked for years, and they didn't fire their manager all the time. This team is simply not good enough to win consistently...everybody take a big whiff! Smell that? Management is trying to be competitive by spending just enough that if all the stars align, we could appear to be almost there. With 162 games it is hard to walk that fence. Mr New to the NW, do you stop to listen to yourself? There is no Salary Cap in Baseball! The teams with enough talent should fire their Manager if they don't live up to expectations. Exactly what were you expecting from this team? If we had what Manager would we be better off? Like somebody will arrive, and Brendan Ryan wins a Silver Slugger Award? And Guti won't miss a game for the next 3 years? And Smoak turns into George Brett? Jack Z deserves flak for some of his trades, and I would be fine if he filed for unemployment, although he has drafted some promising talent. Talent that takes time to develop. Ownership wants a yearly trip to the Playoffs, but certainly not at the expense of a profit. A commitment from ownership to winning is essential, and starting a revolving door of GM's and Managers won't make a difference until that commitment is made, and only then will the M's be truly competitive. We can't trade Jack Z. for Billy Beane. We can fire him for not being Billy Beane, but his replacement won't be Billy either. Please, you may continue with your whining now...
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  • igotanopinion wrote...
    Well said Truhawk
    Well said......
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  • kirk91 wrote...
    M's expectations
    Truhawk: pretty much every sports writer and sports talk show host thought the Mariners would be better than they are and over .500. To answer the larger question, we have seen enough to know that in the 5th year of the rebuilding program we have no outfield. The whole offense was 'rebuilt' with a bunch of one year band-aids, no provision was made for the near certainty of injuries to Morse and Guti, and now players are being rushed to the majors to save Wedge and Z's jobs. How much more do you need to see to know that this group can't get it done? Maybe you can't 'trade for Billy Beane'; but why not find someone who can work with a small budget and actually win until such time as the ownership group is reworked and HowChuck are finally shown the door?
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  • daveismenotyou wrote...
    "Jesus, people are screaming for his head, and why?"
    Because the team has been bad, is bad, and will remain bad.
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  • TigerSound wrote...
    Surreal in Seattle
    We keep hearing how Jack Z did such an amazing job in rebuilding the Milwaukee Brewers into...What? Have i missed something? Looking at all the teams from the National League that have gotten to the World Series lately, the Brewers are not one of them. NOT EVEN CLOSE! As for Wedge, he is a terrible field general and i suspect asleep through much of the last 3 innings of each game. Dump 'em! Armstrong and Lincoln too, especially. These are the brains that chased Pat Gillick, and Lou out of town and hired Bavasi and now Zud.
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