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Series wins provide hope for Mariners' future
Young players that figure to be in the Mariners' long-term plans had a big hand in their back-to-back series wins.
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  • Derrol_o wrote...
    Good stuff and bad in Reds series
    There were a lot of positives from the series but there's one negative that stands out that's been plaguing this team for at least the last two seasons: RISP hitting. They were only around 1-20 again in the Reds series and most times if they are hitting like that in those situations the Reds are gonna be handing it to them. It's great to see the young guys getting it done though, especially Smoak. By the way, should the M's consider dealing Ibanez before the deadline? They could probably get a pretty decent haul from a contender looking to rent him throughout the end of the season. At 41, I hate to say it but he has no future here beyond this season most likely and the M's still have no chance of a playoff berth. Definitely something to consider.
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  • dumbfan wrote...
    Where did you get your numbers????
    you say Ackley hit 462 against the Rangers. He was 1 for 10. That is pretty easy math to figure out he hit 100. I'm not excited about that at all.
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  • stecker wrote...
    At the incorrect store, apparently
    Thanks for pointing out the mistake. I had a few windows of game logs open when I wrote this, and must have confused Ackley with another player.
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  • Newton wrote...
    Ackerly at the "dish". Please!.
    Mariners are not hip at all. They are anti hip. "Home Plate".
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  • skier_04 wrote...
    Get your facts straight...he's 4-20 this month and batting .200; how could he have been 6-13 in the Texas series. KIRO..get new reporters that get their numbers right, its not that hard. GEEZ
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  • Rayvensdad wrote...
    You always add that "pitchers make adjustments" against all of these hitters. While that is obvious... I see pitchers all game STILL THROW pitches that CAN be hit (fastballs in the zone)... and it is all about the batter having the proper approach at the plate. Just because adjustments are made doesn't change what the strikezone is. When a pitcher makes adjustments, that doesn't mean they always hit their mark or they'll always have good movement on their pitches. I feel "pitchers making adjustments" is an easy out for our young batters failing at the plate. Adjustments are definitely a part of the game, but what I think is the most important is a batter's overall approach and mental capability. We've seen Franklin hit balls inside and out, from both sides of the plate, high and low... tough to make an adjustment when the guy can hit all over the plate. What I like about Franklin is that he doesn't seem to get rattled by being beaten. He has this mentality, "Nice pitch... you got me... but I'll be back.", whereas Ackley looks like he's asking for a pitch in his zone and if he doesn't get it he's bewildered (just an observation). I think Franklin's success is due to more of his mental approach and confidence then his opponents "not yet adjusting". All of the scouts know who Franklin is, he's been high on the M's depth charts for a while. Let's chalk it up to a young guy who actually isn't afraid of failure... something many of the younger hitters on this team could seriously learn a lot from. Go M's.
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  • Rayvensdad wrote...
    Yeah Shannon...
    By the box scores, Ackley was 1-10 in Texas and 3-10 in Cincinnati. Did you mean Smoak? He did go 6 for 13 in Texas. At least one of them did.
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