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Seahawks fans bid for loudest stadium record
A group of Seahawks fans hopes to set a Guinness World Record for the loudest crowd roar at a sports stadium.
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  • T-Bird49 wrote...
    This is a dumb idea
    I can't believe King County health officials will let this stand. 120 decibels can cause permanent hearing loss. 132 is just plain dangerous.
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  • HawkNut86 wrote...
    This is a dumb idea
    Wear ear plugs, don't go, do something besides complain. This is a great idea and the perfect time to try to pull it off. I hope it happens and we break the record.
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  • Chawks425 wrote...
    Are you freakin serious?????
    Like the other responder said, WEAR FRICKEN EAR PLUGS! This would be HUGE for the 12th man if they can break this record! I can't believe someone is actually complaining about this! Go Hawks!
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