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Seahawks' backfield is an embarrassment of riches
Danny O'Neil continues his roster breakdown with a look at the Seahawks' backfield, which is loaded with depth after adding two draft picks to a group that includes Marshawn Lynch, Michael Robinson and Robert Turbin.
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  • bigbertha wrote...
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  • Mr Jame wrote...
    how many passing yards did RW have in 2015
    I can't wait for this upcoming 2016 Season
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  • sportsguru wrote...

    Other than Lynch and Robinson, no other back on the roster has proven anything yet. While Turbin showed promise last year, he also played like a rookie, missing holes, dropping big passes out of the backfield that would have moved the chains and/or scored a touchdown. These rookies haven't even been in pads yet and were talking about them like they are golden?

    Let's see if Ware can make the transition to fullback in pads, especially with his blocking and blitze pickup and route running with option patterns.

    Let's see if Michaels is as explosive with people trying to knock him out and running between the tackles.

    I understand that you need to produce a blog post, but to say they are set with all these new guys and they haven't had one day in pads is a insult to the fans of the Seahawks.

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  • egTman wrote...
    Turbin had a fantastic year as a rook, so no idea what you're talking about. The coaches loved what he did backing up beast, so if they think that why would you think differently? Pretty sure you're criticizing his pass catching ability from one play in first game against SF when he dropped the pass on wheel route, c'mon. He caught many other balls and had a great year
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  • sportsguru wrote...

    Don't be a homer, if you really love your team, you should be able to take and give out constructive critique of your own team and the coaching staff.

    My post indicated that "Turbin showed promise last year", he also missed blocks, missed some catches and didn't following the blocking that is so important in the zone read offense, even "Brock&Danny indicated that he was adjusting to the scheme, you can't do that without making mistakes in the process?

    I didn't call the man a scrub, dang brah, now these other guys haven't even suited up yet to be saying that there is an embarrassment of riches in the backfield, there is a lot to be seen before that can be said.

    Everything can't be alice in wonderland in football even if you love your team, you can't be a homer fan, you have to be a football fan first and then a home team fan second.

    You got it backward,lol.

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  • *logos* wrote...
    I feel offended too! I'm outraged, who does this guy think he is? He should be fired -- no -- he should be SHOT. Get a grip pal, there are a lot if things to take offense to; Danny O'Neill's professional opinion about how good our RB position group is is actually not one if them... Also, I'd take his appraisal any day if the week over yours.
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  • Ted Jones wrote...
    That Lynch has already rushed for 1,590 yeards in 2015. GO HAWKS!
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  • RWIII wrote...
    Christine Michael
    I have to admit I want to see Christine Michael run the football.
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  • LoonyBinEscapee wrote...
    Danny proves his stupidity again
    Just wait until injuries hit the team in the backfield during the year and the "embarrassment of riches" becomes an "Insurance Policy". You think Marshawn Lynch will continue his productivity? Do you remember the precipitous dropoff of Shawn Alexander?
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  • egTman wrote...
    You make no sense. There is no reason to believe the backs will all suffer injuries, it's a loaded position group at this point. Regarding SA, he was 30 when he dropped off, Lynch is only 27. Danny is a lot more knowledgeable than most on this board, so I wouldn't talk
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  • slipperpimp wrote...
    You must be a loony bin escapee to make that comparison. Sean was 30, and had 2 consecutive seasons with a broken foot and a broken bone on his carrying arm. Marshawn is none of those things.
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  • LoonyBinEscapee wrote...
    Tman and Pimp
    Well, I'm just looking at stats. Lynch is entering his seventh year. Alexander's seventh year was when his production began to drop. I'll suggest Lynch gets hit more often and harder than Alexander ever did. Average productive life of an NFL back is still about 6 years.
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  • Johnnymac50 wrote...
    I don't care if you don't have a doctorate in football schematology, (tm), I consider you to be another knowledgeable fan with the big upside of being a lot more hopeful and positive than the average cloudy-sky blogger these days. Even if only a couple of our hopefuls pan out as big contributors, there is no need to defend your IQ, nor your assessment of rookies who have already had success at the university level. I think it would be a great thing to throw 3, yes 3 running backs at the opposition all game, every game, and let the opposing defenses take the punishment and try to figure out who will attempt the tackling. The brilliance of a strategy like that almost defends itself in keeping 5 running backs. Imagine....a 9 minute drive late in the fourth quarter featuring 3 tailbacks interchanging carries; it's like a heave-sent chinese fire drill sort of strategy, I like it.
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  • MainEvent wrote...
    C'mon man! Don't embarrass lynch by comparing him to SHAUN Alexander. They are completely different runners. I'm as exited as Danny to see our RB's i think we have incredible depth and michael and ware will prove useful role players if not more.
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  • LoonyBinEscapee wrote...
    Keep wearing those rose colored glasses...Year 7/8 is when RB productivity begins to drop. Cases in point: Clinton Portis, Terrell Davis, Jamal Lewis, Eric Dickerson, etc., etc. You've just got to hope the reserves are adequate/competent.
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  • Daddy Dennis wrote...
    Ware is going to be developed on the practice squad this year. Anyone who is wondering if Mike Rob is going to lose his job has simply no idea what this team is about. He is a lock of locks.


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  • Barry McCockiner wrote...
    GO HAWKS!!
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  • Newton wrote...
    It is Football Season Now!.
    Mariners ended thier season early agian.
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  • Toughact52 wrote...
    No way they part ways w/ Rob ....
    Mike Rob is a fixture n the locker room. He's the proven vet that Marshawn trust when choosing which hole he should hit. You don't mess w/ something that's not BROKEN.
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