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M's moves: Ramirez, Beaven demoted
Erasmo Ramirez and Blake Beaven have been replaced on the Mariners roster by Hector Noesi and Bobby LaFramboise.
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  • *logos* wrote...
    Single A for Ramirez? I hope they're just trying to build his arm up and then bring him back after the break; that is a really quick hook, and i believe in this guy -- a lot more than Harang or bonderman or even Saunders. He needs to pitch in the bigs. Maybe he just needs some extra work. I can't believe they'd rather have noesi start...
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  • Cle Elum Jules wrote...
    Cle Elum Joules Replies:
    Read the article. At A he can pitch on his normal days since AAA and MLB are on All-Star breaks
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  • New to NW wrote...
    An organization in total disarray
    The sign of a team who has no game plan is one like the Mariners, who are just throwing darts at a board and hoping that something sticks. How can you bring a pitcher up for one start and send him right back down? Someone doesn't have a handle on talent. This merry-go-round approach to running a professional sports franchise is doing exactly that - going nowhere fast.
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  • hahanson wrote...
    new to nw
    it's exactly the sign of a game plan; just a roster move to keep ramirez pitching through the all star break. he will be back. that's why they didn't option him to tacoma as they also have a break..
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  • mastermacken wrote...
    Ramirez will be back after break
    Their just making this move to keep Ramirez and Beavan busy. My prediction is they bring them right back up after the break because I can't imagine Lafromboise or Noesi taking a spot in the rotation. They have waited too long for Ramirez to get back, they wouldn't just say to hell with him after getting roughed up by the Red Sox. Everyone gets roughed up by the Red Sox
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  • panamaguy wrote...
    why not....
    Bring up Brian Sweeney from Tacoma. Nuff said.
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  • Swampfire wrote...
    The last start was similar to the one in Arizona last year. He used the speed breaking pitch working movement in/out alternately. Very little off speed was used. In Ariz. he work nicely through the order and then ran into trouble the second time through. Gibson had his hitters adjust to the pattern and sent Erasmo to the showers quickly. In the start resulting in his demotion there were 4 bleeder singles just past the glove of the 2nd baseman. Ramirez was working out location and the 2nd baseman was snugging second? For all the erudite attitude that Willis and Wedge have, I would shudder if I were a young player in the Mariner system.
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  • gsizemore wrote...
    Maybe Raul can pitch too.
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