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Doctors believe Eric Wedge suffered mild stroke
Mariners manager Eric Wedge is out of the hospital and resting at home two days after suffering what doctors believe was a mild stoke.
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  • clevesside wrote...
    Tip of the cap to the skipper....
    ...and hope he gets better sooner. Very young for that kind of scary thing, anyone would agree. Time for a new streak to start, and hope he enjoys it w/o the aggravation and stress of being in the dugout.
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  • sfk360 wrote...
    So much for mild dizziness. Get well soon Skip!
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  • darrengrama wrote...
    eh what do doctors know?
    Get back in the game coach, saddle up.
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  • Dan1 wrote...
    Glad the man is ok for his family's sake
    But he's not the right guy to guide this team. Now everyone wants to kiss his A&&!
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  • sfk360 wrote...
    "everyone wants to kiss his "a&&" the guy just had a stroke and people are wishing him well, is that so wrong?? And speak for yourself, Wedge has this thing going in the right direction.
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  • jcc_engr1 wrote...
    Wedge is perfect manager for M's right now.
    Totally disagree with that other guy. Who else would you want who is available and wants to be here? Must admit his facial color has looked a little off at times in post game interviews on the old HD. Hope he good. I like what he's doing, and his style. No BS. Get well man
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  • Bellinghamspence wrote...
    Get healthy wedge monster
    Rest at ease, Robbie will handle things an the young guys will rock.
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  • messiah101 wrote...
    I really didn't think people expressed themselves like you just did anymore.
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  • Truhawk wrote...
    So who, in your esteemed opinion is the right guy to manage the M's? I notice you didn't mention any names!
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