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Cooper back with Eagles after excused absence
Wide receiver Riley Cooper returned to the Philadelphia Eagles Tuesday after a four-day excused absence to undergo sensitivity training after he was caught on film yelling a racial slur before a Kenny Chesney concert.
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  • MellowClay wrote...
    Racial Divide
    Anyone who has lived or visted the South for an extended period understands that there is a huge racial divide. Cooper saying this should not be too suprising for those people who have ventred to the nations "Sun Belts" or "Bible Belt." History has shown that many people, both Black and White have tried to overcome this. However, this nation still needs to improve socially. With that being said, yes it is the 21st century. yes racism is not as relavant as it was 60 years ago yes eventhough this country is lead by a Black man, individuals still hold on to their racial ties. I'm thankful that the greater Seattle area is nothing like the south
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