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Mariners' quiet trade deadline ripped by ESPN analyst
The Mariners landed on the "losers" side of ESPN writer Jayson Stark's list of the winners and losers of the MLB trade deadline.
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  • *logos* wrote...
    I love how both Stark and this rival GM don't say anything about how getting a mud-level prospect for years down the road would actually help the team more than playing winning baseball and trying to re-sign some of them. The rival GM is basically saying, "No fair! But I WANT one, and he won't GIVE them to me! Doesn't he understand how this works? I'm a winning team and he's a loser, I should be able to ship my crap off to him for salary relief and let the rich get richer." I think it's laughable. The downside to this move is that we don't have a few more 5th outfielders or long-relief guys running around the system; the upside is that we could actually have winning baseball in Seattle with actual major league players -- now and possibly next season and beyond. Stark and this GM are just not used to things not going the way they're "supposed to go" with the Mariners being the farm system for some other teams's playoff push.
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  • Pilate wrote...
    Well Put *logos*
    Z said basically the same thing yesterday on the radio. Perez, Morse, Morales and Ibanez are worth more here than a couple of A level prospects in Everett. Making a qualifying offer to any of them at season's end is a much better tactic. If they re-sign, we don't overpay, we get them for market value. If they walk, we get a sandwich pick between rounds 1 and 2 next June, which should at least be equal to someone else's castoffs. Not to mention, the MARINERS get the benefit of their services for the rest of the season, not somebody else.
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  • mydadsnameisedgar wrote...
    This type of conventional wisdom is, with the second wild-card and new rules regarding qualifying offers to pending free agents like Kendrys Morales, completely outdated. Like the previous commenter implies, the Ms and GM Z do not just exist as a farm club for the "buyers" to plunder for assets at the trade deadline. Good on Z for not punting for a return of marginal C level prospects. That said, please this off-season only attempt to resign Morales and not Morse, J Saunders etc.
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  • Rayvensdad wrote...
    Typical BS
    "'What he's asking for -- it's crazy. He should be able to move any of those three guys. They could all be the final touch on somebody's roster. But with every one of them, it's always, 'If somebody wants to blow us away...' In this era, with all the parity in baseball today, why would any team want to risk giving up a premium prospect for a rental player?'"

    How dare they not move any of those guys. How DARE THEY keep them when we needed them! What??? We're supposed to give something of value?!?!?! HOW DARE YOU?!?!?! Freaking ridiculous! It might be a bit of a shocker, Stark... but we're not the farm system for the rest of MLB! Idiots.

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  • Largent803 wrote...
    What they were giving was nothing.
    What this rival Executive wanted was something for nothing. I believe now Seattle starting to rise from ashes of Bavasi. However, they aren't going to give quality bats for A level talent. That is basically what the Exec wanted along with Stark.
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  • RWIII wrote...
    Jason Stark
    Not interested in what Jason Stark says. If the Mariners had made a bad trade in his eyes (Jason Stark) he would have been the first to complain that the Mariners did not get enough for Kendrys or Morse.
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  • clevesside wrote...
    If your idea of "FAIR TRADE" .......
    ....means looting and pillaging the Ms' roster annually for vets looking to get out (hola, Adrian), not this year. The mix here is pretty good, as we know, and there isn't anything out there that constitutes a "fair return." Nada, hombre. As for Stark, he's just looking for readers using some semantic bait. Get the net?
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  • Pilate wrote...
    Waaa, waaa, waaa
    Hey, Jason. Ever played Monopoly? Just 'cuz you want Park Place and two railroads for $500 and Mediterranean Avenue doesn't mean I have to sell them to you just 'cuz you think I'm out of it. How 'bout you give me Boardwalk for the Electric Company and $100 and let's see how the game ends? No? Didn't think so.
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  • Lessmith50 wrote...
    I just wonder
    If this is not going to come back and bite jack in the arse. I understand not giving your players away. God knows that is all this franchise knows how to do. They have been a AAAA team in MLB uniforms since thier inception. I just wonder if in the future that some good will would be returned back when the mariners actually need a player at the trading deadline in the future. Just wondering i wouldnt want to piss off all the GM in MLB.

    That being said Michael Morse is worth nothing more than a bag of use balls and one roll of used tape. He would not be remotely in my plans to move forward. Over 30 injury prone with a history or steriod use not to mention strikes out a ton. I would have shipped him off for any warm body.

    They should have shipped off Perez for sure. He really looked good last night didnt he? That was a no brainer to get value in return for him. Not to mention all I hear from the talking heads is how so much GREAT pitching is on the horizon. Just like we heard in the past about the Little Unit, and the Salkhelds and Meshes and so on and so on. Remember all those great arms we had in the minors and DUMB AND DUMBER would not let go when Gillick and Pinella wanted a bat to push them over the top. NOT ONE OF THEM PANNED OUT.

    As far as Morales goes there is not a snowballs chance they are going to resign him that is not the "DEVILS" Scott Boras MO. His MO is to shop his overvalued stable of premadonnas to the highest bidder PERIOD! If the M's do resign him it will be millions over valued. I thought we were getting away from long term contracts for broken down veterans. I say over spend on a late 20 something stud that has a decade of upside and is not one wrong step (On or off the field) from trashing that ankle again and sitting on the DL for the last two years of his contract. He is a good hitter not a GREAT hitter and he is a huge liability in the field. He cant run. You dont need two slugs on the field at once in Morales and Smoak. All great reasons to ship him off.

    I would do this because of all the talking heads out there that keep claiming that NEXT YEAR is the year the Mariners will have a Gazillion payroll dollars. Every media talking head be it on KIRO or KJR all CLAIM that NEXT year is the year the Mariners will have so much money to spend and they will have to spend it.

    I personally say BS on that they will NOT spend the money need to replace those old broken down vets with young healthy in their prime vets. But I do believe they will waste thier money on broken down veterans. The circle just continues.

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