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Schofield making impression with Seahawks
After recovering from an ankle injury that prematurely ended his 2012 season, O'Brien Schofield reported early for training camp with the Arizona Cardinals looking to get a jumpstart on his fourth year with the team.
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  • Focushawk72 wrote...
    Carroll's advantage is his knowledge of personnel
    How could a guy that had 2.5 sacks in his first season, 4.5 in his second then 4 halfway through his third season, before getting injured, not get picked up by a LB needy team? The rich get richer. I think you're seeing the advantage of a college coach...Carroll arguably knows more players from his recruiting days than any other coach in the league. Go Hawks!
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  • Johnnymac50 wrote...
    Talent evaluation
    With Pete and John doing the picking, the talent evaluation is sharp and accurate. It sounds like Schofield could become another important cog in the defense at just the right time. This flows together with K.J. Wright's possible move to weakside LB.
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  • RWIII wrote...
    Evaluating talent!!!
    That is what seperates Pete Carroll and John Schneider from the competition. Their ability to evaluate talent.
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  • Truhawk wrote...
    Great Pickup!
    We truly needed some help at outside 'backer! Thanks, Arizona! Go Hawks!
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  • Richardfg7 wrote...
    Great pick-up.
    Hawks are far from in neeed at the position and could of easily stood pat with who they had. But it's that constant push to improve that has taken them to the top so fast.
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  • Inspector12 wrote...
    He will be the Starting SAM LB.. They like him that Much...and You KNOW he will DESTROY!! The Red Birds when he plays them twice.Just tell him when we Play the Cards,and the 40 WHINERS it's OK the Hit the Guy in the RED Jersey... SICKEM !!! Nice Pick-up.. We needed a True SAM and he could be IT. Love the Pickup,only upside potential with this move....#GOHAWKS_13
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