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'Predictalator' gives Seahawks 7 percent shot to win Super Bowl
While the Seahawks are just gearing up for the preseason, one hard core NFL watcher has already played the season 50,000 times - on his computer. And he says the San Francisco 49ers are most likely to win the Super Bowl based on his "Prediction Machine."
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  • barachus wrote...
    This isnt a prediction. To give a prediction you have to say 'this team will win'. This team is 20% likely to win isnt a prediction. Its garbage.
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  • Truhawk wrote...
    The Rediculator!
    49'ers D is 19th? Uhuh, right, ok! Our D is 10th? Yeah, I think I'll run right out and pay money for their picks! NOT! San Fransisco lost their #1 WR, a starting corner, Patrick Willis has a broken how do they "stand alone" among teams losing key players? Jibberish!
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  • Johnnymac50 wrote...
    Who really cares?
    I'm a little amused that I even read this brief article about a computer.....with a name. I need to go outside and breathe in a little fresh air or....anything. At 55% accuracy, this contraption could not win the American League West if it was a baseball team. It all clearly illustrates why teams "play the game on the field." Sheesh. How did this guy get ink on his little toy?
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