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Cobb wins in return, Rays beat Mariners
Alex Cobb had a successful return after being sidelined by a scary injury.
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  • RWIII wrote...
    Decision making.
    When you get two strikes you have to go into defensive mold. You have to learn to protect the plate. Its seems like a lot of hitters don't make that adjustment. The player tries to do too much. And you know what the pitchers do? They take advantage of the hitter's aggressive tendencies. The pitches let the hitters get themself out. This will happen tonite(8-14-13). This will happen when the Mariners have runners in scoring position. You can count on it. Watch the Mariners strike out swinging at breaking balls out of the strike zone. Every player in major league baseball history has been guilty of swinging at pitches outside the strike zone. Its frustrating when you have runners in scoring position and then the hitter strikes out swinging on a breaking pitch outside the strike zone. This is what separates the .300 hitter from the also rans. This is one reason why Smoak's batting average is rising. Smoak is getting better at avoiding those pitches. Sometimes you have to be HUMBLE and take the BASES ON BALLS. I know its not easy but you will be rewarded if you can lay off those pitches.
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  • RWIII wrote...
    Here we go again!
    I am frustrated but not surprised by what happened last night. Nothing surprises me about the Mariner bullpen. Good or Bad. Totally disappointed.
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  • Swampfire wrote...
    hit into the weakness of a defensive shift? Amen to your comments, but it's mode?
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