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Huskies come home expecting better than 7 wins
In some fashion, Keith Price and his teammates have been reminded every day of what 2012 could have been for Washington.
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  • Hawkin wrote...
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  • Zoeller wrote...
    Really? I only see somewhere between 4 & 6 wins in this schedule.
    Sat. Aug. 31 vs. 18 Boise State Sat. Sep. 14 vs. Illinois Sat. Sep. 21 vs. Idaho State Sat. Sep. 28 vs. Arizona Sat. Oct. 5 at 7 Stanford Sat. Oct. 12 vs. 2 Oregon Sat. Oct. 19 at Arizona State Sat. Oct. 26 vs. California Sat. Nov. 9 vs. Colorado Fri. Nov. 15 at UCLA Sat. Nov. 23 at 20 Oregon State Fri. Nov. 29 vs. Washington State
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  • sfk360 wrote...
    If they've won 7 the last few years why would they take such a big dip this year? This schedule isn't any worse than the last few seasons and the team is returning the majority of their core players.
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  • Zoeller wrote...
    "why would they ?"
    Boise = Loss, Illionois = Probable Loss, Idaho State = Win, Arizona = Win, Stanford = Loss, Oregegon = Loss, ASU = Probable Loss, Cal = Win, Colorado = Win, UCLA Probable Loss, OSU = Loss, WSU = Win. (That's Why.) I see 5 should win's, 4 firm losses and 3 probable losses. "somewhere between 4 & 6 wins" That is what the crystal ball tells me. :) I hope it is wrong!
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  • Mike17Will wrote...
    Lets see...
    Boise St - Toss up. Illinois - probable win. Idaho St - win. Arizona win @ home. @Stanford - loss. Oregon - loss (yea i know). @ASU - toss up. Cal win @ home. Colorado - win. @UCLA - Toss up (imo). @OSU - loss. WSU - win. Thats... 6 games you should win. three games that could go either way and three games that you'll have to be perfect to win. I don't think that 8 wins is out of the question.
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