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New NFL bag policy will be enforced at Seahawks game Saturday
The entire NFL is implementing a new policy on the type of bags you can bring into the stadium during football games. The new rules go into effect at CenturyLink Field for the first time at the Seahawks-Broncos game Saturday night.
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  • KeysAndStops wrote...
    Overkill. This is really just to make life easier on the bag checkers as the gate. This has nothing to do with terrorism.
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  • Drool wrote...
    Who'da thunk.....
    ...the surrender flag would come in the form of a plastic bag.
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  • maplefish wrote...
    Anybody think the vendors might have something to do with this? It's all about more $$$$
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  • LoonyBinEscapee wrote...
    some of this is the vendors, some is true security. I think they've gone a bit over the top.
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  • SeattleNative wrote...
    Exactly, maplefish
    It's all about making the games even less affordable for families.
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  • TheBunch wrote...
    The Police State Moves on
    Cavity searches next? Screw the NFL.
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  • ToldYa wrote...
    couldn't agree more.
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  • kwa829 wrote...
    A terrorist lurking behind every tree
    Security theater. Or more likely steps to make sure you buy bad overpriced food and beverage from stadium vendors, but done in the name of "security". Tell ya what, watch the game from the comfort of your own living room. Or better yet reject this silly gladiatorial contest that brings on concussions, early onset dementia, and obesity-induced diabetes on the part of 350lb+ linemen. There are other things to do with your time and money on Sunday afternoons.
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  • jojodesca wrote...
    makes sense
    Ladies, all you really need to take to a game is your ticket, I.D., credit/debit card, cash and maybe a tampon. Travel light. You can carry a small clutch.
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  • messiah101 wrote...
    As if
    A women would go out in public without her makeup
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  • HockeyMom wrote...
    As if....
    Actually, I never carry my makeup in my purse. It goes on before I leave and is done for the day. I will, however, enjoy bringing a complete days supplies of feminine hygiene products for them. And haven't they learned by now if it's weapons or liquor you're looking for, it isn't in our purses.
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  • LoonyBinEscapee wrote...
    Classic "Bag" line from M*A*S*H
    Hotlips: "Isn't that Frank's Bag" Trapper John: "I thought you were Frank's Bag"
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  • messiah101 wrote...
    Ladies purses await
    The guys that like to breaking into cars are licking their lips in anticipation.The SeaHawks should be paying for extra plainclothes security in all parking areas near the stadium.
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  • Oh no I didn't wrote...
    hate it
    NFL: No Fun League
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  • Citizen of Krazy Town wrote...
    Lemme get this straight: In Seattle, plastic bags are banned at grocery stores for the "good of the people" and plastic bags are mandatory at the CLINK for the
    "Good of the people".


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  • gb1118 wrote...
    The NFL's Chief Security Officer Jeff Miller and the NFL..
    Are full of chit. They don't give a rats a55 about the fans unless they are buying $8 beers or watching the games on T.V. It's all about the money, plain and simple.
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