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New NFL bag policy will be enforced at Seahawks game Saturday
The entire NFL is implementing a new policy on the type of bags you can bring into the stadium during football games. The new rules go into effect at CenturyLink Field for the first time at the Seahawks-Broncos game Saturday night.
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  • Oly80 wrote...
    OH, B.S. ....
    "One of the things that's driving this, in addition to the public safety element..." the financial element. THAT'S IT.

    they lose money on consessions if people bring their own food/drink.

    banning DIAPER BAGS? really?

    football is AMERICA'S GAME. you're taking a part of the family element and making it even more difficult.

    i won't be taking my baby son to a live game then. that's that. oh well, the view/drink/food are all better at home anyway.

    college ball can't start soon enough!


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  • Drool wrote...
    Football is No Longer America's Game
    It is Al Qaeda's game. This new policy proves it. Maybe we should get rid of the Redskins name and call them something more relevant to this new world we live in. Washington Shahids (Martyrs in Arabic) comes to mind.
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  • HLC wrote...
    I've been able to think of plenty of good reasons not to go to a game.
    This is just one more reason not to pay to watch a bunch of over paid millionaires who aren't qualified to carry my lunch box run around a field. It's pretty sorry when you wear a helmet and protect a ball and paid more than if you wear a helmet to protect our country. Minimum wage for all pro sports and entertainers. They create nothing.
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  • Burn_Notice wrote...
    Bunch of BS
    This is an example of the corporations following along with the government. The Feds use "terrorism" as the defacto catch phrase to invade or obfuscate all aspects of the Constitution at will. This is just an example of Corporations using the term "terrorism" to declare a jihad on your wallet for a $9 beer and a $6 hotdog.

    Don't be surprised when they add an at the gate $5 bathroom charge and an elevator access fee.

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  • hawks$life wrote...
    cargo shorts?
    can I wear them? the pockets are bigger than a clutch? how about just a giant coat with tons of pockets? just dump everything on the table for inspection? or should I carry everything by hand? Does this mean they will supply clean diapers and baby bottles?
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  • Newton wrote...
    Just don't go!.
    Untill nonsense stops.
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  • R L M 456 wrote...
    Look staright Ahead-- COMRADE
    Do not Dare to question the orders of the Almighty Lawgivers
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  • WashingtonCitizen wrote...
    It would be easier to perform simple "profiling".....
    works quite well for the airline of Israel. Last April, in Boston, once again it was the muslims, like it is 90+% of the time worldwide. As for you who can't wait to bring up Timothy McVeigh, I just have to say that the exception to the rule does not prove the rule invalid.
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