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Should Justin Smoak ditch switch-hitting?
Even though Justin Smoak has been on a tear since June, the Mariners first baseman has continued to struggle hitting from the right side of the plate.
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  • *logos* wrote...
    Overly reactionary
    I said this in one of the earlier threads: Everybody was saying the same thing about Smoak last year too -- that he should ditch switch hitting and try to focus more on one side. The only difference was that everybody was saying that he should stick to batting RIGHT HANDED last year, as his numbers have been historically better from the right. If he had done that we wouldn't be seeing the fine season he's having right now. I can't pretend to predict why or how his numbers are inconsistent like that, but I do know that the evidence does not suggest that we can take this as a sign. The very opposite is true: his waffling numbers from both sides of the plate throughout his career tell us nothing because there is no clear preference. One year it's one way and the next it's another.
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  • maximus03 wrote...
    These people need to rethink what they write before hitting post often times.
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  • WShadow206 wrote...
    last time i check brent stecker
    ur not a baseball player....who are you to tell a big leaguer he should not switch hit.....just by looking at numbers too ur sucha goon n i dont even know u. one yr hitting bad vs lefties....well how bout the whole club hasnt hit lefties instead of singling out one player to write a joke of an article hope this helps ur career. cuz u really need to understand the game.
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  • bluebyu64gp wrote...
    Why don't you learn how to spell and write before you post. Not only does it make you look like a goon...your writing makes it sound like your a retarded goon...
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  • maximus03 wrote...
    pot calling kettle
    Nice grammar. "your a retarded goon"? Really? How about you are a retarded good. Or you're.
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  • maximus03 wrote...
    Do HW before upchucking online
    Smoak is a natural right-hand hitter. The right side has been his best side for the better part of his career, including last season. This is what you call small sample size (this year's stats), fluky numbers, and a case of just not facing lefties as consistently as he had been in the past. In fact, just as he's improved as a whole this season since May, he's also stepped up from the right side. Justin is a dominant hitter, one of the 3 best 1B in the AL right now, no matter what side of the plate he's hitting on. Any switch hitter will tell you, it takes a lot of work to be comfortable on both sides concurrently and that's all it is for Justin. It just comes and goes a bit depending on where he's getting his at bats. Overthinking this is really stupid. Don't be that guy.
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  • KAIBN wrote...
    Should Smoak Hit 2nd?
    Should we try Smoak in the 2 spot? He has the highest OBP on the team. He also doesn't hit very well with RISP
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