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The birth of Beast Mode unveiled in new Madden commercial with Marshawn Lynch
When it comes to Beast Mode, should Marshawn Lynch's amazing talent be credited to nature or nurture? Chalk it up to a couple of decades of the Madden NFL video game, at least according to a hilarious new commercial for the 25th Anniversary edition of the seminal football game.
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  • RWIII wrote...
    Zach Sudfeld
    Looks like John Schneider let one slip through the cracks. I know you can't sign every. But Zach Sudfield signed with New England as an undrafted free agent and he appears to be the REAL DEAL. Can't win them all.
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  • luvinlife1018 wrote...
    I love it
    However Josh I believe that is a Jeri Curl on Beast Mode
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  • Zoeller wrote...
    Ha Ha Ha-
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