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Is Ichiro legitimately in the 4,000-hit club?
Ichiro now has over 4,000 hits as a professional player, but with almost 1,300 of them coming in Japan, analysts and experts are split on whether it means as much as 4,000 exclusively in the MLB.
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  • cardinal1 wrote...
    Not 4000 MLB Hits
    Good job Ichiro, but you are not in the 4000 hit club. Just look at the MLB website for proof. Statistics from Japan don't count. Cecil Fielder hit 38 HR's in Japan back in 1989. But they are not added to his MLB totals. Many other players have played oversees as well and their statistics don't count for MLB totals.
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  • hahanson wrote...
    it's not a MLB accomplishment...
    but that being said, it's still an incredible accomplishment. you can argue that the game in japan is different, but is the game ty cobb played the same as today's game? would the great hitters of another era succeed against today's specialized pitchers, or the abundance of pitchers who throw 95+? would bonds be the all time home run leader without taking steroids? wheter you're just including MLB, or professional baseball in general, records are never an "apples to apples" comparison. everything is debatable, and that's part of what makes baseball what it is. hats off to Ichiro; 4000 hits and counting is a helluva alot no matter how you look at it.
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  • Jamie from Victoria wrote...
    Does Ichiro belong in the 4000 hit club?
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  • jsean wrote...
    most of the pitching he faced in japan would not make a team in the Majors'. Do Edgar's # from AAA count towards his career? No! this just shows how desperate "reporters" are to be able to cover the "best", not the reality! his stats in Japan count for just that...stats in japan! his stats in the MLB count as 2,723 and counting!
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  • rutherford wrote...
    You only need 1278 more
    Congratulations, Ichiro, on 2723 MLB hits. I salute you in your unrelenting "Ichiro first- team second " pursuit.
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  • soo purletiv wrote...
    I have no doubt
    Ichiro would have hit 4000+ in the MLB had he started in the Bigs. However, he did not start here, therefore they are not MLB numbers.

    4000 professional hits, absolutely! But not MLB hits. I am one of Ichiro's biggest stateside fans, but it just is not the same.

    Remember, in 2001 he was awarded the MLB Rookie Of The Year. Why was he eligible for that award in 2001? Because it was his first year in the MLB. Therefore his MLB stats started in that year.

    2001 is the year in which his MLB stats began and they will end with his last PA at the MLB level.

    Problem solved.

    No controversy.

    And yes:

    You're welcome...

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  • sfk360 wrote...
    agree w/ soo purlitev
    Amazing achievement though.
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  • CougFan10 wrote...
    Good for him
    Its a great accomplishment. its not 4000 mob hits but its still great.Japan is no AAA. Its like an AAAA.
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  • Largent803 wrote...
    Incredible Accomplishment
    While I agree that a minority of Ichiro's hits came in the Japenese equivalent of MLB. I cannot discount his accomplishment. But if we discount those hits than shouldn't we also discount some of Ty Cobbs hits because he never faced any African Americans and there were plenty of great African American Baseball players back when he played. They just were not allowed to play. So then the only person who truly hit for more than 4000 hits was Pete Rose.
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  • Mikey53 wrote...
    No way . . .
    Equating Ichiro's 4000 hits to Rose and Cobb is like equating the Seattle Storm's title to the Seattle Sonic's title. Nice try.
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