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Mariners' Kendrys Morales claimed off waivers
The Mariners have until Saturday to decide to trade first baseman/designated hitter Kendrys Morales, who has reportedly been claimed off waivers by an unknown team.
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  • Dan1 wrote...
    So Jack Z won't try to resign him
    essentially we traded Vargas away for nothing then, that makes sense.
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  • Cle Elum Jules wrote...
    ....just like Fister.........just like Brendan Morrow........just like Brandon League......need I go on. Jack Z's trading deals have been a complete failure and I'm beginning to wonder about his drafting acumen.
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  • clevesside wrote...
    This is profoundly weird....
    ...why would they put the best team hitter on waivers to begin with? With a month to go? And what does Mariner News know?? I smell a retraction here somewhere....
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  • SomedayMs wrote...
    Total Mess
    THIS CHUCK AND HOWIE SHOW MUST END. No one should have failure for 10 years and keep their job. This is just another sign of the complete incoherent mess this team is. They somehow thought they could keep him, but obviously Boras sent a letter with NO WAY HE IS SIGNING WITH YOU on it. Jack must have missed that letter in July. Also odd is the article that says one of the top people in the circle has not worked for a year and is asking to look for a job elsewhere. Wedge should retire and just concentrate on not dying for a year. He has done his best with what he has been given, I believe he is trying his hardest, but it just isn't happening. ANOTHER sad year of horrible and mediocre play.
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  • seabee73 wrote...
    Messypants chuck and howie!
    Never have understood the fascination with Chuckie.. he goes back to the Argyros days which was a mess of messes! He may be a good man but as a steward of the team he is a dismal failure!
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  • seabee73 wrote...
    Something is missing here, like the fact that the Mariner's could and can pull him back off of the waiver wire. this happens quite often to make trades AFTER the trade deadline. Bad job of reporting!
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  • *logos* wrote...
    He's not going anywhere. Yet...
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  • Pete in Seattle wrote...
    Numbers game
    With Gutierrez back on the active roster someone had to go. They could have put up a youngster but I suspect they felt Morales would get the most interest, and by doing it before September 1st he would be post-season eligible. He is also a free agent which makes him the perfect rent-a-player. It does not mean the M's won't try to make a deal with him after the season ends; only that they are protecting their young players. Given the current makeup of the team Gutierrez is the outsider but has no market value, so Morales is the one designated to leave . . . for now.
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