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Mariners activate Gutierrez from DL, DFA Harang
Franklin Gutierrez will return to the Mariners for the start of their series with the Rangers, but Aaron Harang's day with the team may be numbered.
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  • SomedayMs wrote...
    The Harangutan is out. Next is Safeco Joe - probably tomorrow after the clubbing he will get tonight from Texas. Bring on Walker! Lets shop him / ruin his arm! (one of the two will happen, probably both.) I am normally a half-full guy, but M's always seem to come through with a good failure
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  • clevesside wrote...
    Maurer as a starter again..... no substitute for Harang. Same style, different generation. We'll get offense, but the wrong kind.
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  • Smerlap wrote...
    Enough Already
    Guti comes back after batting a stellar 205 in triple A for his 17th game of the season and I am sure his next injury. I think the team was beginning to develop some chemistry and a regular line up which Guti and Wedge seem determined to mess up. I was in the Safe when we brought Mauer into the game in relief. The score was 3 to 1 when he entered and 5 to 1 when he left. My wife told me the manager had quit trying to win and I told her never. Then post game, Wedge then talked about him being a true starting pitcher who needs time to work out the bugs She was right! Mauer needs more time in the minors not the majors and we need to bring up the kids or trade them. Enough!
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