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Hasselbeck turns in vintage performance
No forced throws into the waiting hands of defenders. No costly fumbles. No chants from a frustrated fan base calling for the backup. Nothing but vintage Matt Hasselbeck.
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  • youmad wrote...
    Thank you
    Thank you Matt. There was nothing i wanted to see more than for you to have a good game. If that was your last home game as a Seahawk it will be very sad.
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  • artimus wrote...
    Where are Newton, The Foundation, Dan1
    ...and all the other fools who were ready to shovel dirt on Haggelbeck? I hear crickets...
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  • Cliff Hanger wrote...
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  • Cliff Hanger wrote...
    "As a football player, you never know when your last play is going to be." From the horses mouth. Don't forget Whitehurst quarterbacked the team into the playoffs. Playing hurt is not a good idea for players or the team. One thing about the fans, how happy they are with a 50-50 season? Thanks Mathew for your good years. Hope you go out on top!
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  • Hawkman wrote...
    Whats next ...
    Wow, what a great game. Yea, for all those who thought, "Why a playoff game when we could just get a better draft pick". Its is what it is all about. This victory even if we don't go further, will mean so much for these guys in the years to come. It gave Seattle a economy boost like not other. And 66k people a day to remember. Its all worth it, and don't worry guys, Pete and John will do thier majic agian in the coming draft. But for now, any given Sunday Baby. Who's next. Lets just go with the underdog thing, and kick some tail. Go Hawks!!!
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  • bigdogina4x4 wrote...
    Nuttin' But Crickets.............
    Well hopefully all the unrealistic, bone headed, fake fans with no football sense, jacknugguts, that were screaming for Whitehust to take Matt's place will be silenced now.... Thank goodness. To any HAWKS that read this - you guys are the best, and Thank You for another exciting playoff victory in Qwest field!
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  • Scoutem wrote...
    If you played any football at all you know we all play hurt. just dif degrees. CW game would have meant nothing if MH and the team hadn't won earlier games. Same analogy (sp) right? Matt sucked for 3-4 games I think he should ahve disclosed how hurt he really was. BUT CW STILL COULDN'T GET ON THE FIELD. and he was hand picked by PC and VP. It is a team effort including the St Lou game n CW but the problem lies w/those out there that think 1 ok game against the worst team in the NFL (not to mention 4yrs w/as much playing time as you and I have)means he is the answer and better then the QB that was/is the QB that put the banners in the rafters. He will most likely be gone or mentor next year. Get behind him, obviously the coaches see he must be better then CW or else they would play him. They gave up a ton to get CW. Do you really think our record would be better if CW played all year? I don't know, I have to trust that the people that get paid a ton of $ to know; do however.
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  • Newton wrote...
    Artimus Can you say Mashawn Lynch Run!.
    Yes. Marshawn Lynch run did saved the Seahawks!. Matt had one Pick in the Game First "Quarter". So Matt had some hickups. Anytime you Win its a Good day. Stokley was Back and Played Great. Mike Williams Played well. With one Giant Play from Marshawn Lynch who saved the Day.
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  • C"mon Man wrote...
    No substitute for play-off experience
    Can't teach it, read it in a book, teach it in school, inherit it. He really answered the bell.
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  • Zagnut wrote...
    Matt haters & Charlie lovers
    If any of you are here, congrats for having the balls to show up and read some comments. Now, please, once and for all, SHUT UP!!!! The fact that you don't understand football is fine and dandy and OK. The fact that you spew your uninformed, obnoxious and stupid opinions is NOT fine and dandy and OK. Learn the game, then talk. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, who has a decent understanding of the game thought Charlie was a better choice than a reasonably healthy Hasselback.
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