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Soccer: Either for it or against it
Sounders FC host the Los Angeles Galaxy this evening at Qwest Field. Major League Soccer's 2011 season opener will feature the passion of 36-thousand fans.
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  • Thetrueseattlefan wrote...
    soccer is for
    subaru driving hippys! if the sport requires your fan attire to be a scarf, well that says it all. Fred on scooby doo wore a scarf, what of him anyway?
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  • Thetrueseattlefan wrote...
    oh and also
    if there is a foul you get a colorful card i mean cmon! if you want to be a serious sport make it serious out there. I tried watching the sounders play in there first season but after realzing it was gonna be like 90 minutes of them running around in circles and listening to my tv make a buzzing horn noise i wasnt interested, at all! to each there own i guess. But stop trying to tell me its the real FOOTBALL! we have real football that consists of men knocking the snot outa each other and its way better!
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  • C"mon Man wrote...
    I grew up in the Kingdome. Part of the experience was the Seattle Sounders. For two dollar ticket, we got a quality team featuring Coach Alan Hinton and English stars such as Roger Davies,Tommy Huchenson,and Ian Bridge. Even local talent was on display, Bernie James, and Tacomas Mark Peterson. Crowds were sparse but dedicated, unless it was "the man" PELE', who the New York Cosmos actually had on their roster. US Soccer is behind the curve,US Womens soccer is tops. People who have not traveled widely would never understand the passion. The world revolves around soccer, and the World Cup is a event. NBA,MLB and hockey are a sport, Soccer is a way of life.
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  • cruizer68 wrote...
    not for me either...
    As John Clayton said on the radio recently.."I'd rather have bamboo shoots driven under my fingernails then watch soccer"...good old John a voice of reason among a modest crowd of lime green Sounder fans.
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  • cw1997 wrote...
    So Very
    Boring...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, stupid songs, stupid rules, stupid fans, I just do not get much of it at the end of the game is 0-0 or if it's really really exciting 1-1 which is closely akin to kissing your sister.
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  • Mike Hunt wrote...
    Most of us are neither for or against it - we are just apethetic to it

    Many like me watched a couple of the world cup games the US were in with international friends- and will do again - but outside of that have no interest.

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  • MK wrote...
    Fastest Growing Sport in America
    I've been hearing that claim for over 30 years.
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  • Rayvensdad wrote...
    Soccer really is boring! I mean, I'd rather watch a sport where coaches can challenge fouls by throwing a little red flag from their back pocket. Or even have two men over simplify the action of a game, "The team that scores the most touchdowns, will generally win the game." Thanks John!!! Or where a team's most important player receives the game ball between the legs (and close to the nether region) of a very large man who CAN'T smell good by the 3rd Quarter. Or how about a commercial after every other play??? And why watch flopping in soccer when you can watch Bruce Bowen master it in the NBA, or referee's calling a charge on one play and a block on the next when they were the EXACT SAME THING, or Derek Jeter fake getting hit by a pitch leaving everyone shocked the Mr. Yankee would stoop so low. Why watch soccer when the nail biting sport of NASCAR allows you to watch way too many men who aren't going to come close to winning the race anyway... drive in left circles allllll dayyyyy lonnnnng. Awesome, one lap down, 499 to go. Call me in two hours and I'll watch the last 4 laps. And why have your team involved in multiple cups, leaving the season with possible tournament ramifications throughout the season?????????? I mean, I'd love to just watch a sport that halfway through the ONLY championship your team could win... you were realistically out of it. I mean in baseball, if you're an Orioles, Royals, Athletics, Mariners, Indians, or Blue Jays fan your season is done by June...... good business model. Or in the NFL, if you're half the teams, by October you're more focused on the draft because your team is going to watch the playoffs rather than participate. And even better, if you're not the Lakers, Celtics, Magic, or Heat don't even bother by getting your hopes up on your season... again, good business model. Look...... I love soccer. I grew up around professional soccer and it has created a serious passion inside me. And, while I might not sound like it, I also love the NFL and MLB. The point is, every sport has its faults and disadvantages and I can dog on all of them with the weird and bad things about them. You think the flopping in soccer is bad/crazy/stupid??? I AGREE! There aren't many soccer fans who like it. In fact, FIFA is trying to limit it as much as possible. You don't like the low scoring? Go and play this game at a high level, and when you're out of gas after 5 minutes and barely got to touch the ball, you'd know why. It isn't as easy as it looks. People in this country who don't like soccer are lumped into a category of soccer haters: 1) Hates it because everyone around them does. 2) Hates it because they've never seen good soccer so they don't know any better. 3) Hates it because they weren't good at it. 4) Hates it because they don't understand it. 5) Or just can't get into it. If you just can't get into it... cool. All the power to you. But with every negative shot towards soccer you throw, the soccer fans can throw negative shots about your sport right back at you. So don't hate soccer because you think you're some sort of superior sports fan and you think the most popular sport in the world is overestimated by 9/10's of the world's population. The fact is that this sport is loved by millions, probably billions. The country can't seem to grasp it because the majority of sports fans have been born into MLB, NFL, or NBA. Though, if the NFL can't pull their heads out of their @#$%, they could have some issues. I don't see that happening, but if the season doesn't happen, and future issues arise, the fan base could get a bit hostile. At least the future fan base. MLS is not as appealing to the older fan base as it is to the younger, which is why it is growing but slowly. Go to a MLS game, and you don't see the overweight, never get off the couch except on sundays crowd. Watch the MLS really be more popular in 15 years or so, when the younger crowd is older, out of school, and working full time to pay for tickets. Like soccer or not, understand it or not, there are plenty who love it and negative comments are only laughed at by fans of the World's Game. The Sounders are creating a culture in the MLS and it is going to spread to the Portland and Vancouver fan base in less then a year. The Pacific Northwest will be the soccer capital of America and I plan on being there the whole way. Go Sounders!!! Go Mariners!!! Go Seahawks!!!
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  • MK wrote...
    Games on 97.3 FM
    Why are the games being broadcast on 97.3? Why not 710 ESPN, the sports station? Oh, I forgot, soccer isn't a sport. And 710 is home of the Mariners.

    Just adding fuel to the fire.

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  • Lysander wrote...
    You should learn to tell the truth... you did not try and watch a sounders game, there are not horns buzzing at that game. You heard about those during the WC in south africa but even then you probably did not watch a game. You do not like the sport. That is cool. I do not care. but try and tell the truth.
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