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Sounders part ways with forward Blaise Nkufo
97.3 KIRO FM has learned that striker Blaise Nkufo was not happy with the style of play coach Sigi Schmid was asking of him and that the striker came to the team last week asking for a trade.
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  • shanmatt72 wrote...
    Dont really know what to make of this, other then I dont like the timing
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  • Mikey_A wrote...
    Blessing in disguise. He is a very talented player, but he was past his prime. He didn't have the pace to chase down our long balls and was stripped two easily when double-teamed. Thanks for that Columbus game last year, Blaise.
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  • seaboyd wrote...
    Don't suppose he had to work do you??
    I noticed last year that he wasn't exactly setting the world on fire. As a result he was plugging up the potential scoring positions. I agree to let him go, even to the Whitecaps. He's no threat. I don't know what the swiss standards are but I have no thoughts of erecting a statue of him like they did.
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  • Big Baby Moose wrote...
    This is not good. He is the second dp that has left under less than great circumstances. He is also the only good goal scoring physical presence on the team. Montero is a midget who takes plays off and Jaqua is hurt all the time and not particularly dynamic. This is not good for the team and they can kiss the Cup hopes goodbye.
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  • shanmatt72 wrote...
    Calm down Moose
    Your way off base. Montero had a career year last year in leadership and gameplay and has done nothing to make it look like it wont be more of the same. Blaise scored 5 goals. 3 in one game. He didnt really set it on fire. What I did like about his game was he was physically strong enough to hold off defenders. Other than that, he was gone at the end of the year anywho. As far as the cup goes, by losing him I hardly say its over. Careless comment
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  • stevgard wrote...
    i named my cat blaise....
    but think of the DP spot this opens up. I see a big signing coming up, someone to play along and be able to distribute to Fredy Montero and really FINISH. I like Blaise and what he does. He is a great soccer player. So was Ljungberg...but they didn't fit, and piece by piece, we are discoverin, with Sigi's guidance, what does fit to make this team work, and become an offensive force every time it takes the pitch. Etc.
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  • afecks wrote...
    Minor Correction
    @seaboyd: Just FYI, while he is indeed Swiss, the statue of N'kufo is at FC Twente's home ground, which is in the Netherlands, not Switzerland.
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