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Weaver leads Angels to sweep of Seattle in 7-1 win
Jered Weaver believed he had enough left to finish off his first complete game in more than a year.
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  • clevesside wrote...
    Great for Felix.....
    ...but deep pitching issues still remain. Where's the AAA Calvary?!
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  • bencrit wrote...
    I think it is supposed to read "Raul Ibanez HAD an RBI double" not "ha an RBI." Ibanez's recent success is no laughing matter :).
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  • Pilate wrote...
    No Pressure
    From this article: In the fourth, Vargas... put runners on the corners with no outs, but the Mariners left both runners stranded. "We spread out some hits here and there, but we never really put anything together," Mariners manager Eric Wedge said. "You got to put more heat on them offensively. We didn't put a whole lot of pressure on them tonight. We got to make it more difficult for them than we did tonight."

    Well, no kidding. This is the third time in the last three weeks that the M's have had runners on the corners with nobody out and the bottom of the order coming up. Gee, Thompson/Wedge, how about a safety squeeze? I know you can't do it every time, you have to pick your spots like anything else, but holy @$%&! Try something, ANYTHING! Send Chavez! Maybe he'll steal a base. Maybe they'll throw it into center field and Smoak will score. Have Quintero lay down a bunt, or maybe fake one on the first pitch. Or have Ackley fake a bunt while Chavez heads for second if you decide to let Q swing and he makes an out. Do something! How 'bout a hit-and-run, get the defense moving to someplace they don't want to be? This isn't the Piniella era where you don't have to actually manage and can sit back and wait for the three run homer. Ain't happenin'.

    It's not just the players' responsibility to put pressure on the opponent. Some of it's gotta come from the coaching staff, too.

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