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Bees delay Angels' 3-2 loss to Mariners
C.J. Wilson wasn't threatened by the swarm of bees that took over the Angel Stadium field during two brief game delays.
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  • aboggs wrote...
    Keep this up guys! Brandon did an excellent job and I love seeing guys hit like they did last night and score runs!
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  • Swampfire wrote...
    seeing guys hit?
    6 hits vs a pitcher sporting a 5.69 era coming into the game?
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  • diehardseatlefan wrote...
    jason vargas has always pitched well at safeco..
    I was not surprised he had a good night... Maurer has a 5+ ERA doesn't mean he's a bad pitcher.
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  • hahanson wrote...
    is that worse..
    than striking out 11 times in 6 innings to that pitcher?
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  • Oh no I didn't wrote...
    Same old
    Vintage Vargas. Pitches great. Then the HR's bite him.
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  • El Duderino wrote...
    That's baseball
    Where a guy can throw a complete game 2-hitter and lose 6-0 b/c he walked 4 and both homers were 3 run shots.
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  • clevesside wrote...
    better Hamilton.....
    ....than the Mariners.
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  • clevesside wrote...
    That's indeed baseball.....
    ...where the beauty of the game can be like an angry adder or a fluffy bunny or in some ways, bare feet on cement. That's the kind of sport it is.
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