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Seahawks QB Tarvaris Jackson weathers perfect storm
This may sound crazy, but all things considered, I'd say that Tarvaris Jackson has played exceptionally well through three preseason games.
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  • Country_Dog wrote...
    You are absolutely correct
    That does sound crazy. Kevin would definitely disagree with you. Watch the game again. T-Jack has a slow release and accuracy suffers past 10 yards.
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  • CJinVic10 wrote...
    Jackson needs help!
    You can't even begin to start to judge T-Jacks game preformance's, he has no time for any deep routes to complete in fact he has'nt had time for much more than a quick slant or a screen. Until Cable gets his O-Line playing together you can probably expect more of the same. I realize James Carpenter was a 1st round pick, but that doe's not mean he is capable of being an immediate starter, even if Pete and John absolutely need that to happen, to justify the pick and because there does'nt seem to be a plan "B". I'm sorry boy's but Carpenter just don't have quick enough feet to play OT in the NFL, and may have to play guard, probably a more natural position for him at this level. The time has come to give Paul McQuistan 6'3' 315 lbs or Breno Giacomini 6'7" 318 lbs a shot at the starting spot, because it is clear Carprnter is not working.
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  • clevesside wrote...
    Are we there yet?.... terms of the late start, no. Pre-season doesn't prove anything except confusion on display and name tags for the guy playing next to you. My guess is most teams, including our birds, won't be play-ready until 2-3 games into regular. Back-handed thanks to the NFL owners. AS for TJ, you make the most of the hand you're dealt. Thanks, coach.
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  • Exhausted wrote...
    If his performance is considered exceptionally well
    Than I am guessing no bets in the office this year. I sure hope they can improve the offense, otherwise jackson won't make it through the season!
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  • Market72 wrote...
    "If Golden Tate had caught the pass that was intercepted..." What the?! Seriously?! Are we now playing the "What if" card? How about we do that for every crappy statistic out there. Heck, why don't we do it for the great stats also. That way, every player will be average. None below and none above. Ugh Wyman!!!!
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