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Harvin ruled out for NFC title game
As was the case for most of the season, the Seattle Seahawks will be without wide receiver Percy Harvin for the NFC championship game.
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  • RWIII wrote...
    Worst case senario!
    According the reports Harvin will be out 3-4 months. Assuming Harvin is out 4 months this would make Harvin ready the 1st of December. As long as their are no complications. Now it will take a month for Harvin to get into the flow of the offense. So Harvin should be totally up to speed no later than Jan. 1. Which will make him fresh for the playoffs. Also their will not be as much information(for other teams to scout Harvin) come playoff time.
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  • ronzilla wrote...
    Worst case scenario: possibility...
    Harvin comes back and disrupts an offense that has become a magical, mythical Titon to compete against. There's going to be some hiccups when he returns.

    When your Maserati is going 195 mph through the curves of the tunnels and roads slick with rain in the Italian Alps and you're leading the pack, you DON'T want one of your cylinders to start misfiring due to a timing difference because its going to disrupt three hundred cars behind you who are depending on competent performance in front of them too.

    Bringing back Harvin mid-stream is problematic.Maybe he's a John McClane who will take the action ever higher, who can tell?

    I'm not sold on Harvin improving anything upon his return. The Seahawks offense should be SOLID without him.

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  • ronzilla wrote...
    unless our receiver corp fails! But I deduce our corp is solid.
    Our receivers will dominate in the listings for catches and yards and TDs.

    If it a'int broke, dont fix it.

    Go! Seahawks!

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  • Johnnymac50 wrote...
    ..will help compensate for injuries this year. I am thinking that the priority will be to play tough on the lines, especially the D line, until players are ready to contribute. I certainly do not think that either the players or the coaches are taking anything for granted, I equate that to misplaced fan-enthusiasm at most. But please, no more injuries-although I will admit that the return-to-playing status on a few of them coincides nicely with the start of the real games.
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