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Aaron Curry: Why would you do that?
To put it simply, Aaron Curry often did things on the field that made this old linebacker say, "Why would he do that?!"
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  • Market72 wrote...
    Nice article Wyman... Finally! Excellent break down of Curry's low-lights.
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  • TheLastDon wrote...
    Great article, Wyman.
    Another play that drove me mad with Curry against the Giants was late in the game. I think it was the beginning of the last drive for the Giants. The drive where Browner got the pick 6. There was a little swing pass to the RB and Curry sniffed it out properly. He came up for what should have been a damaging hit on the RB and instead he bounced off him like he was an 8 year old trying to tackle an adult. It was so pathetic. I am so glad this guy is off the team. He was a detriment to the team.
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  • Just Be wrote...
    Can Aaron please return the money he stole from the team?
    Of course he didn't steal the money. He just cashed paychecks for not working...Kind of like some government employees. We could have picked Sanchez instead of him? Sanchez at least seems like he wants to compete, improve and has a frickin' pulse. Aaron is a complete joke! Glad he's gone.
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  • Roché wrote...
    Weird is right
    You are so right, Dave. I ran into Curry in Los Angeles in 2009, right after the draft. All of the first round picks were at an event in Santa Monica. Noticed that Aaron was there and told him I was a major Seahawks fan, and that he was going to have a blast playing at Quest in front of our amazing fans. He looked at me with that wide-eyed gaze that he does when he is confused on the field. He had never heard that the Seahawks fans were anything special. I thought to myself, "Weird..."
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  • clevesside wrote...
    It sounds like a head case...
    ...from the get-go, translated more casually as just plain "weird." Not sure what's gonna happen with Oakland. He can easily pass their physical but there's issues on the mental. Only Aaron can explain, and you can't be sure he wants to or even knows that yet. "Wow" is about it. Really tragic, mister.
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  • Forrest wrote...
    Good job at writing and a darn good explanation. Maybe you could give Brock some pointers on how to write rather than pose in front of a camera and verbalize some incoherent drivel. I know, I know, you're from Stanford and he's from Washington but after all, isn't he a ex-quarterback? Aren't quarterbacks suppose to be smart? Maybe he wasn't required to take English. Anyway, I enjoy your articles and insight.
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  • My Evil Friend wrote...
    Glad he's gone...
    I know this sounds really mean, but I think the guy is just plain stupid. He kept making the same mistakes over and over and was kind of a head case. Add the fact that he was starting to battle with the media, tweet dumb things, and I just think he was becoming a malcontent. I am glad he is gone and I am really gone that they traded him to another stupid team, the Raiders.
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  • Matt Lattanzi wrote...
    At the time, this pick seemed like a no brainer and you cannot fault the SeaHumpies for taking him. I wish him the best in Oakland. I was in dibelief on why he couldnt do what he was supposed to
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  • rajuseattle wrote...
    Guys this is past, just forget about AC.
    Dave, Nice article from the technical standpoint for the average fans. AC is the history for us, it was one of the DARK pages of Raskal-Mora era and sooner we forget about it, will be better for all of us. He is not the only bust in Seattle sports history, many athletes in the past came in here as FA or High end drafts and failed. I hope Seattle sport franchises and their coaching/scouting staff pay more attention to details and do better scouting when trying to sign up big stars or draft college athletes. Its really unfortunate MAriners/Seahawks and Soincs (in the past) were put into this situation and loss BIG money on these flops, but history teach us lessons and we learn from those lessons. I hope Jack, Pete and John learn fro mtheir mistakes and bring some glory to Mariners and Seahawks. Bot hfranchises were vitims of some BAD mgmt decisions and signing of BAD FA or drafting busts. Go seahawks.
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  • siddi wrote...
    Thank you Wyman
    Thank you for the shout-out to us - the Microsoft employees. However, you would be sad to know that we don't have the Microsoft summer picnic anymore. That was axed a couple years ago.
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  • rajuseattle wrote...
    I like Dave's comparison betn AC and MS employee.
    that was hillarious...I never played competitive American football in my life, but looking at the replays of some of dropped lolleypops by AC, i guess i would have caught those INTs. It was good Seahawks finally come to terms with AC and realised no need to waste more time on this bust. I hope AC succeed in Oakland now that the monkey on his back (4th overall pick) is removed and he is something equivalent of 7th round pick...gosh i feel so sad for Mr Allen, they guy literally took away guranteed money just on the basis of expert hyping on his skills and Raskal fall into that trap and chose him rather than addressing a QB/OT positions. thanks God...seahawks got rid of Raskal-Mora of the darkest page in the history of seattle Seahawks. Those guys literally put franchise 5-6 yrs behind other upcoming teams.
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  • Derrol_o wrote...
    NFL teams don't base their draft picks on hype otherwise the Heismann winner would be the top pick in the draft every year. Ruskell sucked, I don't dispute that. But I don't fault him for picking Curry. They had the right idea but sometimes even the most promising prospects for whatever reason don't pan out. It happens to every team. Looking back on that draft there really wasn't anyone in the top 10 the Hawks could've picked that would've turned out better. Lot of busts in that draft.
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  • rajuseattle wrote...
    Glad new CBA wil bring in the rookie salary structure and rewards
    Good talent from college football. NFL owners will not loose money on the busts.
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