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McClendon fills out Seattle's coaching staff
Lloyd McClendon is bringing an entirely new coaching staff to Seattle, although a number of his additions have ties to the Mariners organization.
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  • JM Peterson wrote...
    Chambliss fired
    Chambliss should have been released after 2011.
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  • Pete in Seattle wrote...
    This will not help the offense
    I have said before that I think the coaching staff has had an issue with coaching veterans in general. First they squander spring training by "taking a look" at far too many players and neglecting to get the veterans ready for the season (or allowing them to). Then, when the season starts, they have an open roster attitude. GO back to Lou and you will find a set roster and everybody on the roster got playing time in the first week. Everyone in the lineup and on the bench was ready to play at any time. Hargrove, on the other hand, never used reserves until the edge they had in spring had dulled. Bloomquist might not be an a-list player but he would beat out most of the current roster. When he had th ehottest sprign of any player under Hargrove he rode the bench in order to let the starters get untracked. And that is the third problem, thinking the regular season will cure any problems in spring training. What if someone actually engaged Ichiro when he slumped rather than thinking Ichiro is Ichiro and will figure it out himself? Part of why he is thriving in the Bronx is the rest of the lineup is formidable, but I sense he also gets a little help here and there and the staff works with him to do what HE does best rather than try to conform to some vision of the team that does not fit the personnel on hand.
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