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Not all penalties are created equally
I studied the last five years of the least penalized teams and the most penalized teams and was surprised by the results.
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  • rajuseattle wrote...
    NFL is a big Money business.
    And low end (Bottom feeders) teams like Seattle Seahawks playing against the big name teams like the Ravens or Giants from the East coast, we will get some kind of penalties which puts us into disadvantageous situations. Once Seattle Seahawks starts playing at high level and beats these big name teams from the East coast, we will get some respect from refs and they wont call unnecessary penalties. Afterall NFL wants the big markets like SEattle to be successful and make more money for the league. In the example you gave, it was Boldin's mistake too that he bend a bit and instead of a legal hit, this ends up being called as helmet to helmet collision. ITs very hard for DBs to defend the receivers when they bend suddenly and legal hits ends up into helmet collisions. I agree with you Kam should keep playing hard hitting game as he was taught to play and make his own identity as the hard hitting safety who will create some kind of fear amongst the WRs in the NFL. go seahawks.
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  • Cashm wrote...
    Turn him loose
    Let Kam the Enforcer rage throughout the league. I'll eat defensless receiver penalties all day long and love it..
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  • Skykomish2 wrote...
    Defense Penalties
    should be reviewable. If a receiver goes into a crouch after catching the ball, and the defender is already aiming to hit him midsection, that should be reviewable and a non-call. Once committed in a high-speed collision, its not possible to change course when the defender suddenly puts himself into harms way. They get paid a lot of money to take the risks, and sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Keep football football. It was created that way, and it should stay that way.
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  • Skykomish2 wrote...
    its not possible to change course when the RECEIVER puts himself into harms way.
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  • Estip wrote...
    Joe Pa
    Dave is right about the hero worship in this country that makes celebrities into god-like idols. It's ridiculous. Being famous doesn't make a person better than anyone else. Paterno covered for his friend/coach/perp, and should be held accountable.
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