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Pete Carroll's faith in Tom Cable is paying off
Consecutive 100-yard rushing games from Marshawn Lynch shows the Seahawks' young offensive line is coming together.
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  • don over taxed wrote...
    Lipstick On A Pig really have to dig too get positive stories out of this miserable team.
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  • Newton wrote...
    Pete did Good getting Tom Cable.
    Tom is a great find it takes a good mind to find a good mind and Pete did In Tom Cable. He's just a flat out great coach. He does the things that are just perfect for the run game. It show's by spring lynch for some good runs. Marshawn is a good runner anyway. Tom can make it fun for Marshawn, Washington, Forsett. One thing I see in the run game that is so important is the use of Justin Forsett. I don't want to miss speak. I feel are running squad is just fantastic. The Thing I see is Justin has alot to give to the offense if D/B could figure out what Play's, work really good for Justin. Will also work Good for Leon and Marshawn. Once Justin can get into the secondary he's making alot of yard's in hurry. Break him loose to get past the secondary would be what Tom and D/B should work on to take the Load off of all the players that are on Offense. Yes I feel Justin's talent is over looked and it should'nt be. I'd use Justin more on teams that have a less then five hundred record to prove my point and give Marshawn and Leon an easier day.
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