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Seahawks, Carroll must find way to keep Tom Cable
Since UCLA fired head coach Rick Neuheisel, the rumors that UCLA and Tom Cable are mutually interested in one another is something that should be disturbing to Seahawks fans.
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  • GoSeaHox wrote...
    Cable not a good college coach
    He took over a good Idaho team and they went into a tailspin that they still have not recovered from. He needs to just coach his brand of smash-mouth football and not worry about GPAs and recruiting
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  • Johnnymac50 wrote...
    He has proven himself; when you lose the entire right side of the line and yet it still works, his value is obvious. This could become a hallmark of the team, great line blocking no matter who is playing. I vote to give him and Carroll a raise. They are good for Seattle's football future.
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  • Newton wrote...
    Tom's a happy Cat here.
    Working for Pete is a great job for him. He knows Pete's a good Coach and it's nice also that he does not get all the Flake from the Media. So I feel Tom is Needed With out a Doubt in Seattle and the Seattle Fans know how important he is to the Seahawks run Game. He would have to be twenty year's younger to be making a Choice like that so. Lucky for the Seahawks I see him Staying around at least I hope so?. Really Like What Tom dose as a Coach for the run very exciting football.
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