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Tarvaris Jackson: How do you like me now?!
Tarvaris Jackson has endeared himself to Seahawks fans with his physical toughness. He's played hurt and withstood being folded in half on a number of occasions while the offensive line worked out their problems. But it's his emotional and mental toughness that Seahawks fans admire.
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  • clevesside wrote...
    The Man with No Name....
    ...has to be channeling through Tavaris, given the landscape and tools he's worked with. I'm in awe and others should be too. This is, as duly noted, as mistake-free as it can get, when weighed against passing attempts. Feeling lucky? He is, and should be...
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  • rational wrote...
    3 examples of QB given...
    Aaron Rogers:24th pick 1st round, Drew Brees: 32nd pick 2nd round, Tom Brady: 33rd pick 6th round.

    Big "IF", but if you pick well you can get a quality starting QB outside of the top 10 picks.

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  • Johnnymac50 wrote...
    Tarvaris is doing better
    Honestly, I wondered why Charlie, who had won the game vs. the Rams was not at least given a chance to compete for the job. And knowing that Matt had rejected Seattle's offer, I was fine with him going to Tennessee. But there is no value by hating one player over another; if they wear Seahawk blue, I wish them total success. Although he may not be Drew Brees, Tarvaris' teammates support him and that's what is most important. if he was so injured he could not play, (he'd almost have to be dead, apparently), I am sure the team would play just as hard for Charlie too; there is nothing wrong with this outlook imo.
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  • seahawks_155 wrote...
    CW not given a chance to compete?
    Did you not watch the Cleveland game? And no CW didnt win the Rams game last year. He had one good drive then either Seattle's did killed STL or STL couldnt do anythin on offense. CW is trash. I wanted to see if he could step up this year but he is awful. The one mistake PC/JS have made so far. They mighta given up too much but atleast it wasnt a whole lot.
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  • 333 wrote...
    I don't care about anything
    All I know is that I'm so frickin pumped for saturday! GO HAWKS!!!!! 12TH man where you at!?
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  • C"mon Man wrote...
    I'm cool with T-Jack
    Re-sign him,don't over pay.
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  • EC Henry wrote...
    T-Jack is a Gammer
    He's MUCH tougher than I thought he'd be. He has handled adversity masterfully: just keep your mouth shut and vow to do better -- and for the most part he has! Lots to like about T-Jack. I certainly can live with him as the starting QB for the Seahawks. That said, I also think that we do need to upgrage. T-Jack has yet to show that he can hang with the Drew Brees, Aarron Rogers, Payton Manning, and Phillip Rivers of the NFL world, and WIN a game in which you hafta pass your way to a victory. Sure, maybe injuries are PART of the deal with Tavaris this year. But he still needs to show the world that he can pass a team to victory in shoot-out, back-and-forth, kind of game. IF he can show me that; I'm sold on the guy. Till then, I'll always have a bit of a reservation about T-Jack's abilities; we need more than a "game manager" under center. - E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA
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  • Newton wrote...
    T-Jack is playing good ball.
    Good for T-Jack spreading the ball around. Hitting lynch in the back field and getting are Seahawks running backs into the secondary right away. Hitting Tate and butler, miller. Ya he's a good player. I feel he still is abit, in his shell and if he keeps playing he might pop out of that shell. He could get even better.
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  • undecided wrote...
    Nice to see some positive commentary and analyses.
    As a team the toughness and competitiveness is infectious. Seems like they feed off of each other. A lot of fun to watch. I really like the pre-game show with Dori and the Gang as well. Highly entertaining. All of it.
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  • soo purletiv wrote...
    And then comes reality..... ;-)
    *************REPOST, KIND OF**********

    As one who was glad to see Matt not signed to a long term contract, I was equally disappointed with the Jackson signing. Still am. He is not very good.

    His 'resurgence' in popularity lately is more due to the defense and, minus last week, the run game. They are winning IN SPITE OF him. He still holds the ball too long and has a hard time finding an open receiver. They exist, he just can't pull the trigger fast enough.

    He is just missing a built in timer in his head, as many of your quality and experienced quarterbacks have.

    The less he is a factor, the better chance the Hawks have of winning.

    Maybe the money we save on his contract helps the Hawks get better players on the line(s), or at other key positions.

    I could live with the scenario that Jackson throws for 25 - 30 times a game (or less) and gets about 185 - 215 yds with 1 or less turnovers. As long as the defense is firing on all 12 and limiting the opposition to less than 19 points and the running game is moving the ball.

    The problem with that scenario however, is when they face a prolific offense (or a lucky one, on any given day) and need to score and depend on Tarvaris to win the game, it just isn't going to happen.

    He is not very good. But as long as he doesn't hurt the team, and the team can win with the run game and a hard nose defense, I can live with him not being very good.......

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  • Tree wrote...
    TJ is tough and takes hits...
    Not sure what that makes him as a QB leader. He's not a Big Ben. But, with a great Offensive Line, you know you have a patient player that will allow play options to develop.
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