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Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn says new sports arena not just a rumor
Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn says the idea of a new sports arena for the city isn't just a rumor.
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  • HPD 5-0 wrote...
    You can't believe anything McMao says, EVER.
    Why should this be any different?
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  • artimus wrote...
    The NBA is dead to me.
    I attended hundreds of Sonics games and followed them on the tube when I couldn't be there in person. The Sonics to OKC arse reaming ruined the pro game for me. Still love NCAA hoops and I'd be thrilled to see an NHL team in the area.
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  • Glover W wrote...
    Public Funding?
    I do not understand why a private organization which is what a football, basketball, baseball team is, has to have public funding to pay for a venue. Yes stadiums are expensive. But the private sector should be paying for this not the public. We do not need anymore taxes, levies, or bond issues. If you want a new stadium get private funding for it!
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  • Forrest wrote...
    Dear Mr. Mayor
    If you in the city dwellers want to tax yourselves to aid private business, go ahead, but leave us who live in the county alone. That goes for you Bellevue dwellers as well.
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