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Sacramento Kings owners issue new arena warning
The owners of Sacramento's NBA franchise issued a new warning on Monday: They won't go along with a new arena deal if they're expected to help pay.
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  • dori monson fan wrote...
    like i said before
    david stern is chris brown and seattle is rihanna. why would we want to involve ourselves with this piece of s again?
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  • Cash wrote...
    We just need to use Chris
    Brown so we can get a Pro Hockey Team. Who gives a rip about basketball; especially with the current state of the NBA?
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  • HPD 5-0 wrote...
    Who cares about both.
    B-ball: gangsta thugs. Hockey: punks who fight. No difference except what they do their thing on.
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  • Cash wrote...
    I care
    Hockey is by far the most exciting sport to watch; both on TV or in person. The fights are pretty weak for the most part and the players truly play because they love the game unlike the NBA, NFL, and MLB who are only in it for the $$$.
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  • Fuego wrote...
    I wish ....
    Sacramento the best of luck in dealing with the likes of Stern and these owners. I feel for the taxpayer as they are going to get screwed by both the NBA and the owners.
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  • Newton wrote...
    No NBA team in Seattle.
    The NBA Sucks Major!!. Worse then the Mariners by far. Take that Sewer toliet NBA somewhere eles.
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  • soo purletiv wrote...
    Dear Sacramento Kings Fans
    I am a Liberal RWNJ and an ex Sonics fan who resides in Seattle. You know, Washington. We are north of you. No, the state, not D.C.

    When the Sonics were stolen from Seattle a few years ago I was pretty miffed. David Stern, Howard Schultz and Clay Bennett orchestrated the plan to take over and steal the team from Seattle and move them to bum fudge OKC. They were here for 41 years. 15 or so years longer then the Kings have been there in Sacramento.

    Like I stated earlier: I was a huge fan and was po'd when they were stolen. With that said, I honestly don't miss the NBA like I thought I might. It is one of the worst officiated sports associations in the U.S.! Too, the demands on cities to build these arenas for the teams with the NBA's blueprints at a cost largely on the shoulders of tax payers is insane. (I know, we have a deal different from this model, but still no guarantees in writing). The owners are less likely to spend a dime for these arenas while making the mother lode from them. (see above article for proof)

    We here in Seattle remodeled our arena and Mr. Stern praised it as one of the best around. A few years later, he said it was inadequate as an NBA arena. He went along with Clay Bennett and demanded that we once again remodel or rebuild the arena to THEIR liking at OUR expense. They figured this would not happen. Actually they banked on it. The city, for the most part stood their ground and said ell no!

    However, and much to their chagrin, the city, including its former mayor allowed Bennett and Stern to steal the team and walk out of its contracted lease with little pain. Another issue that really irked me.

    Still, life without them went on. And it continues to cycle without them even today. I watch a few games throughout the year, and more during the playoffs, but just lost interest in the league for the most part since the Sonics left.

    2 things I would like to share with you: First of all, as I stated, life goes on with out the NBA in your town. So whatever decision you make, make sure it is in the best interests of the city as a whole. If you decide to cave to the wishes of the Maloof family as well as those of the NBA, so be it! Just keep in mind, unless it is in explicit writing, you and ALL tax payers in the city will be on the hook for any costs and or over runs. Word of advice: Leave NOTHING implied!

    Secondly, please cave! This controversy is getting old, and we here in Seattle are riding the roller coaster WITH you, since every time it makes the news that you haven't made up your collective mind, hopes rise and are dashed here. Also, if you cave, then you are 1 less team in the mix and the city can move on to more important things, like tunnels and bridges and charging more for parking.

    I love basketball. It is a great sport. The NBA on the other hand, not so much. It attracts the most talented in the world, mainly for the money, but it allows the superstars to get away with murder while the lesser talented guy who plays by the rules and fights hard is penalised.

    Please cave Kings fans. Seattle cannot afford the demands of the NBA, and in a strange way is better off without them.

    Once the NBA implodes and Stern is gone, then lets talk.

    Until then...........

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  • C"mon Man wrote...
    For a team in Seattle
    Only because of all the people that it will employ in and around the venue. People like me selling tickets,beer,food,parking and all the Restaurants that it would benefit,more cook's waiters/waitress',dish washers,hostess' bus people and all the vendors that would deliver the goods and services. It is a business,not a sport. as long as David stern is the commish, I give it a snowballs chance. Paul Allen: sell the Blazers, and do what you did for Seattle with the Hawks, and bring back sonic basketball!
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  • Fins2theleft wrote...
    Don't let the door hit you on the way out...
    I'm glad we got rid of the Sonics. I think that 30 years from now history will show that Seattle was one of the visionary cities that called BullS&^T on the NBA and refused to make taxpayers pay for their place of business. Public financing of arenas is just a boondogggle designed to transfer wealth from the middle class to the wealthy team owners. Sacramento - show the Kings the door, you'll be glad you did!
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  • grow up/get real wrote...
    Even if you're a big fan of the NBA,
    do you really want basketball back in town bad enough if it meant Larry, Curly, and Moe Maloof would be your owners?
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