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Investor buys up more SoDo land for new arena
The Seattle native and San Francisco investor who wants to build a new sports arena in Seattle, is buying up even more property in the SoDo area.
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  • fourstringfuror wrote...
    I'm the last person to get excited about basketball, but I love that an independently wealthy man is using his own money to make this deal happen. The mayor and they county executive love to be in front of a camera like they have a say, but this man is bankrolling the entire project himself. I respect that.
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  • kurtthekraut wrote...
    I said my final goodbye to Professional Basketball when they took the Sonics away. I will never attend another Pro-Basketball game. That said,...I can't see what could be " Smelly " about a private business owner that is willing to invest hundreds of millions of his own money into the Seattle area. This just seems like a good deal for fans and non-fans of Pro-Basketball alike.
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  • ron prevost wrote...
    investing in Unicorns..........
    Either this guy knows something we all don't (like are the Mariners and Seahawks joint investors), or he's betting on fairies and unicorns. Unless ego demands THIS location, IF you want to bring BBall and the NHL to Seattle, buy in alternative locations.
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  • fishnpol wrote...
    If you ever posted anything intelligent I think i'd faint. My left shoe has more brains than you or Obama.
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  • clevesside wrote...
    If this guy can buy out any vacant property around Safeco and the garage....
    ...heh heh heh, go ahead, make his day for him. Traffic? Parking? Better Mariners management (hear me, lord!)??? question, please...
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