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Seattle Storm reflect on how Title IX paved way for women
Next month marks the 40th anniversary of a federal law called "Title IX." While the landmark legislation had a great impact on college athletics, it was intended to open doors for women in all aspects of society.
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  • Snout wrote...
    "Relegated to poorly lit...blah blah blah."
    Please. If nobody is willing to watch you play in person or on TV then it's a waste of money for the AD. Why not complain that even today women's sports are "relegated" to the back part of the sports page or the last part of sports news broadcasts? Why not just force us to also buy a ticket to and attend a women's sporting event if we want to buy a ticket to a men's event? That makes about as much sense. And how many athletic departments at smaller schools had to cut sports to accommodate Title IX BS???? Yeah, that's fair. Athletics should not be about equality. It is about the pursuit of excellence. Provide an excellent product and people will come.
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  • rocknrolldrew wrote...
    It's all about perception
    People don't think women can play sports. My grandmother played basketball and was forced to stand in one area because people thought the ladies would hurt their 'lady parts'. My mother played on the first women's national championship team and the final game was watched by 15 people. Now the woman's world cup gets a pretty good audience. Things are changing slowly and title IX has helped that. Some day perceptions will change and we might have equality.
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  • tlmbrt wrote...
    Now women
    can enjoy concussions too!!
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  • NW observer wrote...
    Title IX
    Title IX has certainly helped women's athletic programs - and they needed help. The debate at the time revolved around eliminating football from the balance equation, since it includes such large numbers of men and pays the bills for everything else on most campuses. That argument was not accepted and the result was to eliminate some men's programs to help the balance of numbers, plus a concerted effort to find some additional sports that women were interested in. My conversations with UW sports administrators indicate that that was ( and is) not an easy task. Title IX should be celebrated and it is, but make no mistake, there was a cost and there continues to be.
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  • eric von zipper wrote...
    Why the athletic apartheid?
    The "fairest" thing, the levelest of playing fields, is to simply have one team in each sport where anyone can try out and only the best players, male or female, make the team. No more second class more "glass ceiling". This is fairness at its most elemental.
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  • flipper wrote...
    Title IX paved way for women...
    at the expense of Men's sports. Many wrestling, baseball, lacrosse, rugby and many other mens college programs were cut to support Title IX.
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  • mnpat wrote...
    Title IX did some good things and did some bad things
    There would be no WNBA if it wasn't for the subsidies they receive from the NBA. The would be no college sports if it wasn't for the revenue producing men's sports of Football, Basketball and in some universities Hockey. There has never been a thank you to those revenue producing sports. The sad thing about women’s programs is after 40 years none have ever finished in the black….always in the red with some sports spending20 times as much, as revenue is produced, seldom if ever do you see the walk on female athlete. So while there are some good things that came out of Title IX, there should also be a point where results are required as well. Do female athletes only participate because of the scholarship or because they want to participate?
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