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Seattle wants to host a Super Bowl
While Seahawks fans are counting on their football team returning to the Super Bowl - and this time winning the Vince Lombardi Trophy - wouldn't it be cool if Seattle hosted the NFL's championship game?
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  • Rangerhawk wrote...
    It's all how you sell the presentation!
    Pitch a BS story about global warming by 2018, photoshop some palm trees out front of the stadium, maybe include a shot of Ski-Bunnies on Crystal Mtn, then tell them how much $ will be deposited into their offshore accounts and voila!
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  • Ted Bundi wrote...
    Ok, tax me again for a new covered stadium
    So we can have a Super Bowl here.
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  • MK wrote...
    I'm confused
    I'm looking at the user name of uralnutjobs.

    What stands out to me is ural and I think of the mountain range between Europe and Asia. I'm a little slow in realizing that UR really means "you are".

    So now I'm looking at alnutjobs. Al? As in short for Alexander?

    Oh, wait. I've got it now. It's a misspelling of "all".

    You Are All Nut Jobs. Got it.

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  • AKAF wrote...
    I just have one question...
    Who's actually editing this site? Detroit, Minneapolis and Detroit? Seriously, and KIRO want's us to take them as a news source? It's bad enough that their on air staff don't fact check stories; just listen to one hour of the morning show or Ron and Don, but making this mistake, being called out on it and not correcting it? Nothing like sub-par work folks.
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  • AKAF wrote...
    I made a spelling mistake but then again...I'm not being paid to report the news.
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  • Zagnut wrote...
    It kills me when Messiah, or any well known lib, screams that "there better not be any TAX PAYER money going toward this thing that I don't want!"
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  • Samust01 wrote...
    NFL team city should be able to host the Super Bowl. You weenies make me sick! Scared of a little rain? Seattle is by far a hell of alot better venue than say New Orleans, Detroit. I wont argue the rest. Oh! one more thing, if ya dont like it here in the good'ol North west then Move!
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  • ronzilla wrote...
    With Russell Wilson at the helm of a perennial contender,
    the Super Bowl Committee might grant that wish.
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  • Katbird_27 wrote...
    remember when......
    anyone else remember when Seattle was to have the super bowl, but we had an earthquake and the owner we had at the time was a WUSSIE and had the superbowl moved to minneapolis? this same owner TRIED to move the seahawks, but was convinced to sell it to paul allen.
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