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Investor reportedly rebuffed in NBA franchise bid
A noted Sacramento radio personality says investor Chris Hansen offered upwards of $400 million to buy that city's NBA team, but the offer was rejected.
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  • Lessmith50 wrote...
    the Maloofs are on dope
    If they think after all the NBA has done to help the Maloofs that they will get the OK on a relocation. They are high on crack cocaine and meth if they think the NBA will allow that. NO FRIGGIN WAY! They just crapped all over David Sterns & Kevin Johnsons plans to build a new arena in Sacramento. NOT SMART DUMB A55's to piss of the great one in David "the Devil" Stern. I will bet my life that they will be forced to sell that team before Stern lets them relocate and keep it. NO WAY! We seen it here first hand what happens when you dis Stern. Except it was not the fan base that dissed him it was our legislature morons.
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  • C"mon Man wrote...
    David Stern
    Would he sign on to another case of franchise free agency, and allow the NBA to return to Seattle? Does not matter what hansen,maloofs or anyone else thinks, is their money,prestige and camera and media face time in it for Stern, He said that Seattle was not committed to pro sports, how can he not have seen those two stadiums from his limo on his way to the four Seasons, or noticed out the window of his private jet as it takes off and lands from Boeing field.
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  • uralnutjobs wrote...
    old news is new on
    this story was debunked weeks ago. VA beach has no plans for a NBA team or stadium.
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