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Listen: Pete Carroll vows better protection for Wilson
Head Coach Pete Carroll says the Seahawks are looking to better protect QB Russell Wilson as Seattle faces a stiff challenge from Dallas Sunday at Century Link Field.
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  • Newton wrote...
    Pete how about working on?.
    Scoring a freaking touchdown inside the Twenty. How bad does have to get before you figure that one out. For Pete's sake I don't want hear about protection for Wilson untill you Figure out how to score inside the Twenty. This is a huge blind spot for the Seahawks well mostly you Pete. Because I have never seen anything like it. What pete are you afraid of inside the end zone is there a monster in there is that why your so scared and make such poor end zone plays. I want this thing cured more then anything else on the Seahawks to do list.
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  • C"mon Man wrote...
    O-line and defense
    Ask any QB.
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