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  • Home prices around Seattle may be directly linked with transit

    Trying to find a home for what passes as a reasonable price in King County is proving to be more and more difficult.
  • Living longer: How to handle the mortgage

    Increased life expectancy brings many unavoidable consequences and concerns as the risk of running out of money in our lifetime has increased dramatically.
  • tiny house

    How to build, buy and finance a ‘tiny’ home

    Everybody knows conventional homes are expensive, especially in the Puget Sound region. Are tiny homes a realistic alternative?
  • Can you throw good money after bad in a hot market?

    What does it mean to throw good money after bad in real estate? What about the idea “get in the door at any cost” now while you can?
  • home values ridgway

    The effect of crime – and celebrity – on home values

    Is there ever an uptick in value following a celebrity crime? Suicide? Who typically buys a "stigmatized" home and how does crime affect home values?
  • seattle housing

    Seattle is getting more interest from foreign investors

    Figures from a Chinese website shows property buying inquires from foreign investors shot up in August compared to August 2015. Meanwhile, inquiries in Vancouver, B.C. dropped 81 percent in August.
  • container homes

    Container homes: Cost, benefits and limitations

    Tom Kelly examines the popularity of container homes on this week's edition of Real Estate Today on KIRO Radio.
  • How to market a castle and other unique homes

    Everybody knows local homes are flying off the market. Does the same hold true for a castle and other unique homes?
  • Builders, lots and today’s market

    Does every builder offer an extended warranty? What are the builders legal obligations?
  • Bling vs. bones: How to best evaluate a home

    Time is precious, especially when making a decision to buy one of the few homes on the market.
  • Seattle housing, home prices, housing market, squatters

    Home prices soaring faster in Washington than any other state

    Home prices are rising faster in Washington than in any other state in the nation. Washington is now among the top five states for priciest homes overall, just below Hawaii and California.
  • Will students’ rental coverage, if any, travel with them?

    College kids are pouring out of dorms and into homes and apartments. Will their rental coverage, if any, travel with them?
  • Getting to your timeshare via a reverse mortgage

    The purpose of reverse mortgages has changed over the years and they are now also being used to support a more well-to-do routine.
  • Busiest time to move right around the corner

    Here are some tips for packing an moving as you head into the busy season of home buying and selling.
  • Does a second home make sense?

    The sun is out and people have begun to focus on second homes. What are the benefits of buying a vacation home?
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