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Picture of determination rewarded with new car

If it wasn’t for a bus driver paying attention to his riders, Corey Patrick might not be in the headlines today.

Corey, for the entirety of his high school career in Tarrant, Alabama, woke up at 4:30 every morning so he could walk to a bus stop and take public transportation to school.

He had no choice. His family didn’t have a car. The bus driver knew Corey because of his frequent ridership, but on the day of Corey’s graduation – dressed in his cap and gown – the driver decided to take a picture – a picture of determination.

That picture, on social media, went viral and caught the attention of a local radio DJ who decided to reward that determination.

He surprised Corey with a brand new car, which rendered him nearly speechless when he got into the driver’s seat.

Now, Corey has to work towards getting his driver’s license – a challenge he will most certainly meet with success.

That’s just how he is though. Jacksonville State University knows it, too, and awarded him a full-ride scholarship.

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