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Child trades video game cash for charity

If a kid finds her or himself with a wad of cash from chores or through an allowance most can’t wait to spend it on a new toy or video game.

Brecken Hayes, in Indiana, had been saving up for some new video games. But then his community food pantry put out the call that their shelves were bare and they needed help.

Brecken is in 8th grade so he didn’t need to concern himself with the plight of a food bank, but he did and ended up donating his video game money. All $450 of it.

“I don’t really need the stuff. People need food and water to live and they don’t have that. And I already have it so I don’t want to be greedy so I just wanted to help them,” Brecken told WTHR.

Brecken wasn’t the only one who donated. Other students helped raise a little more than $1,000 total for the food pantry.

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