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Waiter creates prosthetic arm for young customer

A young girl rode her bike – truly rode her bike – for the first time last Wednesday thanks to a waiter at a local pizza place.

Austin has helped this family before. They were regulars at the pizza restaurant. One of the last times they came into the restaurant they started talking about how 4-year-old Drew, who was born without part of one of her arms, was having a hard time riding her bike.

What they didn’t know is that their waiter had a side job that would provide the perfect solution to Drew’s dilemma. When he isn’t waiting tables, he builds prosthetics using a 3D printer.

WCPO reports Austin has already printed a thumb for his ROTC instructor and set off to work on a solution for Drew’s bike riding.

Austin build prototype after prototype until one was finally ready. They fitted it to Drew’s arm and after a few test runs on the bike, she was off to the races.

“Just to see the excitement on her face once she figured out that she can turn it on her own means the world,” Austin said.

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