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3 ways to simplify your mattress shopping

SPONSORED — There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, finding the mattress that will carry you off to sweet dreams can be nothing short of a nightmare. Don’t despair: The money and time you invest in your new mattress will be worth it in the end. According to the Huffington Post, a good mattress can decrease stress, alleviate allergies and simply give you a brighter, better-rested day.

If you’re tired of reading all the blogs, studying product-testing sites and polling friends and family on Facebook, there are a few simple rules you should remember when you embark (or continue) on your search.

Buy a two-sided mattress

Sounds simple, right? Back in the day, most mattresses were made two-sided, but today, you’ll find myriad options for single-sided mattresses. Those options might seem appealing initially because, more times than not, they’re cheaper than their double-sided competitors. Double-sided mattresses are built from the core out, which allows them to be flipped and rotated to allow the mattress to wear evenly. This leads to a greater life span — saving you money in the long run (and helping you feel good about being a little “greener”). While you might be taken in by the simplicity (and price) of a mattress that’s delivered to your door rolled into a small box, consider what you might be giving up (hint: your great sleep).

Buy by weight

Weight is just a number, but when it comes to mattress shopping, it’s a really important number. The weight of your mattress actually says a lot about its components. According to Bedrooms & More, a light mattress is more likely to be filled with synthetic materials that will deteriorate quickly. While it might require a bit more effort to get it into your bedroom, a heavier mattress — regardless of thickness — is more likely created from strong-quality coils and natural fibers in the core. With regular maintenance, these mattresses will retain their structure and support far longer than their light, synthetic counterparts.

Take a class

Education is key when you’re choosing a new mattress. When you consider that you spend a third of your life in bed, you’ll see that spending a few hours learning how to select a mattress is just a good investment — especially when it’s free.

Bedrooms & More offers weekly classes aimed at simplifying the mattress-shopping experience. Each Saturday morning, you can learn the evolution of the mattress industry, the different types of mattress materials (along with their pros and cons), strategies for choosing the most comfortable mattress, what mattress warranties really mean and the secret to sleeping cool (hint: it’s not your mattress).

Of course, there will be time to get your questions answered by experts in the mattress industry.

If you’re tired of mattress shopping, don’t let the industry’s rampant gimmicks and hard sells confuse you. Your mattress is a near-decadelong investment (OK, it should only be eight years). It’s time to shop like your sleep depends on it.

The “How to Shop for a Mattress Class” runs every Saturday at 9:30 a.m. at Bedrooms & More at 300 NE 45th St. in Seattle. For more information, call 206-795-6820.

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