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28 atrocities Seattle voters allow: May the job tax repeal be the start of a wake up

Seattle Councilmember Kshama Sawant speaks before a special meeting on the potential repeal of the head tax. (Matt Pitman, KIRO Radio)

Seattle tax on jobs is dead for now. Yeah, it’s a victory. But, let’s not stop confronting the majority of Seattle voters with what they continue to allow by electing agitators to the city council.

Things Seattle voters will accept:

  1. Government-funded heroin dens: legal–on their way–and illegal (going on in RVs, tiny house and jungles all over the city)
  2. Meth dens: going on in RVs, tiny house and jungles all over the city.
  3. Sex trafficking increases: tied inexorably to drug cartels, vertical market expansion.
  4. Narco-terrorist drug gangs: The TV show Drugs, Inc. has profiled Seattle and a cop explained that Honduran drug gangs are here because drugs and sanctuary city status.
  5. Likely pedophiles as mayor: is there any doubt that the tunnel should be named after Murray? Forced upon the city by con artists pretending to care for us.
  6. War on roads
  7. Increasing cost of labor
  8. Street people seizing parks: homeless people in Seattle can find help, street people want to be street people.
  9. Heroin needles on playgrounds: ‘Nuff said . . .
  10. Punks blocking the streets because they have a right to force you to read their signs and hear their chants.
  11. Destruction of fishing jobs by bicycle lobby (one of many beards for developers)
  12. Tunnel with no downtown exits: the Ed Murray Tunnel.
  13. Camps for street people as no-go zones for law enforcement: cops don’t get to go look around for felons even though the two rapists–one attempted, one who actually raped a woman–lived in jungles, had records and moved here probably to be able to hide and take drugs.
  14. Massive importation of more street people: everyone knows street people are moving to “Freattle.”
  15. $1.3 billion spent in one year to make homelessness worse: Puget Sound Business Journal.
  16. Kshama “Bhagwan Shree” Sawant spending taxpayer money on propaganda signs
  17. Doxxing opponents of the tax on jobs
  18. Kshama “Bhagwan Shree” Sawant calling exonerated cops murderers
  19. A $100 million trolley that is deadly and slower than walking (even uphill!)
  20. Sound Transit lying to people in South Seattle and getting people killed in that neighborhood.
  21. Increased gang shootings
  22. Spending more money to defend a tax than they made on the tax
  23. A transportation director with no experience in transportation who was also committing ethical violations when not busy letting overturned fish trucks stay overturned on the viaduct for about six hours.
  24. Spending taxpayer money to build an arena that a private business offered to build with its own money
  25. Giving money to S.H.A.R.E which stores people in parking lots and cons them into being activists
  26. Zero enforcement of property crime laws
  27. A prosecutor–Heroin Dan Satterberg–who brags about not prosecuting people who go on to commit murder
  28. Two cases in the past few months of people known to be insane–and allowed to stay on the streets–raping and murdering women in their homes

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