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Want to solve homelessness? Make the street people leave

Tent mansion near the Seattle Center. (Jason Rantz)

King County and Seattle will never “solve” the crisis of homelessness until they kick the street people out of our area. Street people are not homeless folks who fell behind on mortgages or rent, who fell into addiction, or whom suffered a similar loss. Homeless people need and want help; in King County and Seattle they will get it.

Street people love street life: the adrenaline hits of living by stealing, the chemical hits of drugs, the freedom to do whatever they like whenever they choose. Street people have over-run Seattle. They are not just stealing bikes, generators, spare items from cars and breaking into houses to squat when people are on vacation. They are stealing resources. Every street person who laughs as they accept hand outs keeps one family or person eager for help waiting. We must remove the street people so we can focus on helping those who will accept it.

One weird trick to stretch money for homeless programs

Not one more dime of taxpayer money should go to sustaining and encouraging street people to come to town and to live here. Fortunately, the street people will leave when government stops feeding them and enabling them. Enforce the laws against heroin and meth use and possession, jail people for criminal trespassing, and make three convictions a felony and lock them up.

Perform nightly sweeps of parks, school, cemeteries and make it impossible to live there. Impound RVs we cannot afford to have towed by welding shut the doors and windows and tearing out the electrical systems until we can get them towed. Do these things and watch our tax dollars to address the crisis of homelessness become magically more efficient.

How to make street people disappear

The street people will deport themselves. It won’t take long after these actions begin for the street people to somehow cobble together the resources to head to Portland or California. Just like they somehow cobbled together the resources to come here from Arizona. You know, like the would be Golden Garden rapist who is from Texas. Or like the Ballard car lot rapist who is from Arizona. Or like the street person from California who recently tackled an eight year old girl in a retail store in Shelton, tore off her pants and panties and before the girl’s father and other customers stopped him.

The street people who stay can go to prison and and mental health facilities where they undoubtably belong. Once confined they will find it harder to steal, rape and murder innocent people. But, most will simply leave our area once the good life is returned to the people who deserve it: decent citizens.

Speaking of people stealing resources . . .

None of this will happen until King County rids itself of the best friends of street people. King County’s so called prosector, Dan Satterberg, refuses to enforce the law. Executive Dow Constantine brags about all he does to attract street people. Jenny Durkan’s operating system of a brain has no program to deal with this other than following the current coding patch that has her mouthing the words “data, data, data” and “solutions, solutions, solutions” at every moment. The Seattle City Council? None of them are capable of any form of leadership; they are either grievance-pimping agitators or feckless grifters. Not a one of them is worth having in office. If you want to solve the homeless crisis remove the street people by removing the gaggle of enablers from gorging themselves on our tax dollars.

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