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Progressive activists ruined Father’s Day

Nicole Hernandez, of the Mexican state of Guerrero, holds on to her mother as they wait with other families to request political asylum in the United States, across the border in Tijuana, Mexico, on Wednesday, June 13, 2018. The family has been waiting for about a week in this border city hoping for a chance to escape widespread violence in their home state. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)

Sorry dads, but if you weren’t willing to take on Progressive immigration policies or address your so-called toxic masculinity, you weren’t allowed to enjoy Father’s Day. Actually, if you follow the advice of many of the Left’s most extreme voices, you should have spent yesterday apologizing to all of mankind. Strike than: humankind (no more gendering words!).

First: immigration policy!

Twitter was filled with vitriol and virtue signaling from Progressives who, while silent as President Barack Obama’s administration literally ‘caged’ migrant children before sending them to traffickers, are suddenly woke under President Donald Trump.

Attorney General Bob Ferguson pretended to spend his Father’s Day “thinking about Donald Trump’s cruel family separation policy.” House Speaker Paul Ryan was ratioed on Twitter for showing a photo of his child because, apparently, he can’t be a proud father while supporting an “evil” policy separating kids from their mothers (for some reason, fathers are seldom mentioned — it’s not as powerful an image to the Left, apparently). TV hosts and analysts even asked what the Bible says about immigration policies like this, despite previously denigrating people for their religion and declaring we must have a clear separation of church and state.

You see, there’s an ongoing debate over Trump’s immigration enforcement policy, which ended Obama’s ‘catch and release’ policy. That policy incentivized illegal immigrants to attempt to cross the border with children (sometimes, not their own). Consequently, some families are being separated at the border when they’re illegally attempting to cross. Over the weekend, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen indicated this wasn’t happening for families seeking asylum at ports of entry. Thanks to a Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling in 1997, children can’t be detained for more than 20 days, while the asylum process takes much longer than that.

These children aren’t being housed in “concentration camps” as several lunatics claimed, in the process of exploiting millions of deaths to make a tired cheap point. And no, we’ve not adopted Nazi policies, like General Michael Hayden stupidly implied.

How the policy is viewed is certainly subjective. Both sides, when you put the hyperbole aside, have valid points. I don’t particularly like the policy but don’t know a way around it without going back to an Obama-era of as-close-as-you-can to open borders. And it seems immoral to use this as leverage to bring Democrats to the table on immigration reform, which is exactly what Trump is doing.

But by Progressive thinking, if you don’t decry the policy and take positions barely masked as promoting open-borders, you weren’t allowed to celebrate your role as a father yesterday. Because now every holiday has to be turned into a threat of taking up a social justice cause, or be bullied and harassed and called heartless. And you had better not disagree or you’re a fascist or Nazi or something. And let’s be clear: the folks who are most angry about this care more about speaking out against Trump than they care to speak in favor of these kids.

Second: toxic masculinity!

That’s the new phrase Progressive feminists like to throw out there, an attempt to blame men (straight, white men, in particular) for every societal or even personal woe. And boy were these activists triggered. Father’s Day? You mean for men!? Haven’t the straight, white patriarchy benefitted enough!?!? We can’t celebrate them!

So rather than take a moment to celebrate the fathers and father figures in our life, we had to get angry and political. NBC News declared, in what I promise isn’t a satirical piece:

This weekend is Father’s Day, a holiday typically celebrated with displays of testosterone and gendered clichés. It’s also as good a time as any to acknowledge that there is indeed a crisis of masculinity. But it isn’t caused by feminism and changing gender norms. Rather, men experience violence and oppression because norms are not changing. And it is, in general, powerful men who enforce these unhelpful and sometimes dangerous masculine expectations, not tyrannous feminist women.

Metro asked us “What does Father’s Day tell us about toxic masculinity?” Answer: that it’s a holiday that brings out insane people.

Unfortunately for the dads out there, these thirsty Progressive activists needed attention and you were the victims. Because Progressive activists have to ruin everything.

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