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What should we do with kids separated from border-crossing parents?

Migrants cheer and celebrate after hearing the news U.S. border inspectors allowed some of the Central American asylum-seekers to enter the country for processing, in Tijuana, Mexico, Monday, April 30, 2018, ending a brief impasse over lack of space. (AP Photo/Hans-Maximo Musielik)

Were you posting this weekend about kids separated from their parents or guardians at the border? Here is your chance to straighten this policy mess out.

Today, starting at 3:15 p.m. and running throughout my show on KTTH AM 770, I will take calls from any and all people to answer the following question: What do we do with the kids of people coming here illegally and asking for asylum?

All of you are welcome to call and get this set straight: 800-465-8770. You can also use that to text the show. Dave Ross has a secret line so he can be on the show at any moment to levy this policy answer.

Asylum background

When you are lenient when instead you should be firm, you will eventually be cruel when you should be kind.

Here is the circumstance into which we have been thrust by our insane refusal to have simple immigration laws that we evenhandedly administer. People illegally enter our country instead of going to the US Embassy or the legal US border crossing. As coached by open border zealots, they request asylum for their family unit. The law — as re-affirmed by the radically-liberal 9th Circuit Court — says this: if we detain the parents or adult guardians, we cannot put kids in jail with the parent or guardian.

So, what do we do?

Here are some options, you can certainly do better, right?

I am sure you can straighten this out

Call with your suggestions. You will get a fair hearing, but expect a good debate. Here is a non-scientific Twitter poll I took over the weekend, just to give you an idea of what other people think.

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