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Jenny Durkan
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Seattle Mayor Durkan plays ‘Let’s Pretend’ when it comes to street people

In rational times, this would be an extraordinary video. On KIRO 7, Mayor Jenny Durkan walks past the infamous tent mansion by Seattle Center. She pretends the folks who live in there want to be in a shelter.

This encampment has a keg and furniture. Campers have been seen grilling steaks outside as they consume beverages. They continue to add square footage, but Seattle’s failed mayor pretends it’s all about lack of shelter space.

Durkan pretends to comfort Western Washington

In the KIRO 7 report, Durkan comforts us all by letting us know that it’s rare for mentally ill street people to try to choke tourists to death. Mayor Jenny said this, according to the date of the video, a day after yet another apparent street person attacked a man and his daughter on Father’s Day. According to the story reported by KTTH Radio’s Jason Rantz, “the daughter asked the suspect, David Ailep, to get away from her and he refused:

‘She observed that Ailep had his right hand in his pocket (she noted that it looked like was holding a knife in his hand covered by his jacket pocket) and his left hand was up and back in a striking position like he was going to hit her,” the report says. “She feared that he was going to strike her, and she decided to pull out her ASP baton from her purse to defend herself.’

The daughter screamed at him to get away from her. He grabbed both of her arms and took the baton from her as she yelled out in pain.

Seattle’s failed mayor is good at pretending. In fact, it’s the only thing at which she shows any skill other than getting on MSNBC for being gay and a woman. And on Time Magazine for hating Trump.

Jenny Durkan pretended to respond to the rash of murders in South Seattle cause by fighting between cartel-backed gangs. At the same time, the city looks to decriminalized drugs. Durkan has failed to even recognize the massive increase in violence, the record level of property crimes and the unavoidable fact that drug addicts, dealers and the dangerously mentally ill have moved here because of her preference for pretending that nothing is wrong other than there is not enough taxpayer money to dole out.

Of course, Jenny blames you

You silly gooses expect actual results 30 years after the city started handing out needles to heroin addicts? You expect results and how many years after the “homeless emergency” was declared; after now many billions of dollars given to poverty pimps like S.H.A.R.E?

Let’s not pretend: this really is not Jenny’s fault

This is your fault, Seattle voters. You and you alone are doing this to our area. These are your rapes, your murders, your property crimes, your drug dealers, your crazy attackers. But, you have some great bike lanes and Mayor Jenny sure does hate Trump a super whole bunch. Good on ya!

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