Dori: A weekend of extreme hatred out of the left

Jun 25, 2018, 3:34 PM
Demonstrators participate in an organized march Saturday, June 23, 2018, near the Gateway International Bridge in downtown Brownsville, Texas. (Jason Hoekema/The Brownsville Herald via AP)
(Jason Hoekema/The Brownsville Herald via AP)

I don’t know if I have ever seen the extreme hatred of the left manifest itself to the extent that it did this weekend.

Our local public officials use the same buzzwords all the time — “diversity,” “tolerance,” and “inclusiveness.” Unless someone doesn’t think like you — then you’re supposed to hate them with a fiery passion.

We saw it get as bad as it gets with Peter Fonda, who sent out a tweet hoping that Donald Trump’s 12-year-old son, Baron, to be locked in a room and raped by a pedophile. Then shortly after that, a Canadian comedian said in response to Donald Trump Jr.’s tweet (responding to Peter Fonda) that his 4-year-old daughter would be next.

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Here in Seattle, we had a reverend from St. Mark’s on Capitol Hill compare the United States to terrorist groups because of our border policy. This level of stupidity can only come with some diminished capacity to think.

Then a bunch of people in a Mexican restaurant had a meltdown, ruining every diner’s night, because they felt the need to scream at Department of Homeland Security Director Kirstjen Nielsen, who was eating at the restaurant, about immigration policy.

In another restaurant case this weekend, Sarah Huckabee Sanders tried to go to a restaurant in Virginia called The Red Hen, a restaurant that has a sign in its window claiming that love is the solution to every problem. These same people who claim to love everyone kicked Sarah out of the restaurant because of who she works for — President Trump.

Actor Seth Rogen bragged this weekend on the Colbert Report that he refused to take a photo with Paul Ryan and his teenage sons, who he described as “very nice” and “clearly fans” of him. That was at an Alzheimer’s fundraiser — something that could have brought them together. But instead Rogen refused to reach across the aisle and find common ground. And his telling of the story received wild applause from Colbert’s audience.

Do you want more examples? This is all just from this weekend.

Pam Bondi, the attorney general of Florida, went to see the Mr. Rogers movie, where she was screamed at, sworn at, and harassed by protesters. They even tried to block her way as she tried to enter the theater. Do they think this is helping their side? Do they think this is going to get them a blue wave in November?

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), in the same speech that she cheered for the people who booed Nielsen out of the restaurant, said that God is on their side. She said — or rather screamed in her speech — that if you hear about anyone from Trump’s cabinet being at a department store or a gas station, you get a crowd and tell them that they aren’t welcome.

Is it right and honorable to scream at people in restaurants and cite the Bible? Is it good and right to curse at people in a movie theater? Is it good and right to tell two polite teenage boys who are fans of yours that you won’t be nice to them because of who their dad is?

I’ve never seen a group of people — and I’m talking about millions on the far left — who have so much hate that it’s consuming them. This is a level of hatred that is unprecedented in my lifetime. I’ve never seen it like this.

This isn’t going to end well. This idea that “you don’t think the way we do, so you’re not welcome in our nation.” And we’re not talking about the fringe. This weekend showed how deep the insanity is gone. The question is, is that helping them for midterms? Do they really think that Americans look at that kind of behavior and identify with it?

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Dori: A weekend of extreme hatred out of the left